Younger Viewers

Post here about younger viewers of other leagues and sports.

Not sure if this belongs here or in the How do Argos get 10,000 more fans threads. But since we're specifically talking about age of fans here I'll stick it here. Not even going to pretend this is the be all and end all of crowd demographics - these are just my own personal observations from riding on the GO Train from Aldershot (where Hamilton meets Burlington) to weekend games in Toronto.

Jays games - train usually standing room only in some cars by the time you reach Oakville, Clarkson or Port Credit stations and completely packed - overcrowded really - by the time you get to Union Station. Tons of families with little kids, most always with Mom along for the ride too although some just Dads with their sons, and even multi-generational families. Quite often it is even multiple families going to the game together. Tons of friends in the 18-35 range, and some groups of older friends like me. (I'm 57) - but we're outnumbered by the families and younger friends.

Toronto FC - some families with kids although not nearly as many as a typical Jays crowd. I ended up with a 5 or 6 year old kid on my lap this past Saturday when I went to the TFC game. And way fewer Moms along for the ride. A TON, TON, TON of 18-35 year old fans - mostly male but a fair number of girlfriends along for the ride. They made up the overwhelming majority. (Just as an aside one group of jock-type university aged guys seated near me who got on the train in Burlington - 8 of them. At one point the Argos did come up in their conversation - and only one of them had EVER been to a CFL game.). There were Just a few older guys like me. The train was standing room only by Mississauga and pretty full with people sitting on the stairways and standing in my car by the time we got to BMO Field.