Younger Payton needs a nickname like has father!

After seeing that quick interview with his Mom, it looks like Mr. Payton jr. would like to stay in Montreal and genuinely likes the CFL.

Soooooooo!......His dad was called "Sweetness"

And with the way I've seen young Jarrett run..I'm thinking the name "Essence" would sound good.


mmmm,mmmm,mmmm! This boy has a future in this game! :rockin:

Well "essence" in French means gas!
Could be good, could be bad!

Already, c'mon...he still had 2 fumbles or forced ones...

Jarett "fumbles like "Bob" Payton could apply for tonight's game !

And fumbles are why Edwards is riding the bench!

He seems like a nice guy. How about Jarett "Cordial" Payton

How about we wait and see how he does against a run defence that isn't three-four and see how he does.
God, I am such a cynic!

You are not a cynic! He also has to hold onto the ball...

160 yards rushing, kind of does make up for his 2 fumbles. I mean afterall, it does happen every week where a running back rushes for 150+ yards...

The problem is his two fumbles led directly to 14 points. I don't think he deserved to be player of the week but CFL is looking to promote new talent and that is fair I guess. I would have chosen DJ Flick.