Younger out Black in Finally

Younger was a very good veteran import DB who knows the Canadian game and has made the transition to safety in his later years. last year with a almost new starting d backfield being filled up by NFL free agents and former NFL players from the Arena League Younger was back there as the glue to keep this new yet talented bunch together.
Now a year in, a Grey Cup Victory later and Watkins an all star his first year in it makes sense for Younger to let in and give Matt Black a Canadian Safety his turn to start after 5 seasons as a back up and special teams captain and terror.
Milanovich was very high on him last year in commenting that he is of starters calibre so the timing for Black to move in and start making the safety spot a ratio spot once again but Black does not just deserve his shot because he is Canadian but because of his ability NI or Import does not matter.

It may still have to be considered an Import spot for the ratio as there is no good Canadian back up. If Black starts the Argos will probably have an Import DB rotate some and be available to take over if Black goes down.

Maybe Maybe not. they did sign the speedy Jermaine Gabriel pretty high so they probably are going to give him every chance to make the roster to play specials and back up at safety is possible.
Hood was also signed to play specials and add some Canadian depth to the D backfield as a utility guy.
So now that Younger has retired and Milanovich already being a big fan of Black and has the confidence he can start at safety so have an expereinced hood in his 4th CFL season and a Young speedy Gabriel should be covered back there.
Barker has already compared Gabriel to a young Matt Black