Bob young is a very smart guy , and hamilton should be soo happy hes's there from what i see, i dont follow them much but do all you ti-cat fans out there think that bob would abandon the team after 1 or 2 bad seasons?

Man you gotta be kidding. I’m not just saying this because I’m an Argo fan, but this has to be the dumbest fricken guy in all of professional sports. He said he wants the “Argos-Suck” chant to stop because it’s “Not Thoughtful” and “Lame”. He has made that stadium such a “Kid Friendly” atmosphere, that if you swear your banned for the rest of the season. Football games (Especially in Hamilton) are not made for only kids. He constantly uses the term “Do-Dilligence” and I don’t think he uses it right half the time anyway. He said last years Eastern Final was pretty much a home game for the Ti-cats. He doesn’t know a damn thing about football, so he left (untill now) all the football decisions up to, you guessed it Ronny Lancaster. Bob Young saved the team, put in a big screen, but after that he has done nothing but turn that organization upside down, and it’s looking like Mr. Rogers neighborhood. That team has taken a turn to queerville. Bob Young in my mind is a sad pathetic excuse for an owner.