Young Sells Tigercats to buy Share in the NFL Panthers..

Charlotte(Apirl 1, 2007) -- With Roomers of the sale of the Panthers still pending but nearing probable completion, there are strong indications Carolina Businessman Bob Young has The role as lead investor in this group.

Young has been trying to sell his CFL Team in Hamilton for past 6 months.Young who made his Millions in computers is currently the CEO of Lulu a self Publishing website He has a buyer name nicknamed Mr R
who should buy the tigercats my mid May 1 2020.

too bad April Fool Joke GOT YOU...

No it didnt.

The headline on this site regarding Bob Young putting out a musical album got me.
There we were, My wife and I, opening and lo and behold this news is flashing on the left side of my screen.
It never occurred to either of us that today was April 1st and we were definitely had.
Great idea for a joke though!

...and spelled correctly

and it should fool at least one person

Is Bob in his option year and can the nfl cut him will hamilton still have his rights?will the league(cfl) run the team ? or will cfl drop to 7 teams?