Young Quarterback Expectations

I've been hearing and reading a lot of negative comments from BC and Saskatchewan fans about how Lulay and Durant are substandard QBs, and I'm wondering what these people were thinking. Players develop differently and not everyone can be Ricky Ray or Casey Printers and come out blazing in their first years. I would invite all of these people to go look at Anthony Calvillo's stats from his first five years in the league and then justify their comments.

I think Lulay and Durant are mega talented players, but when fans overreact to their teams' losses by blaming the QB for a few bad games, I don't think it's justified.

I'll give Lulay a little more time, but there are two things that bug me about Durant. 1. He throws entirely too many picks. He's on pace to throw 20 INTs for the third consecutive season. 2. Someone else mentioned this earlier and I agree. I think some times Durant's receivers make him look better than he is.

I'm not saying he's a terrible QB, but those things definitely bug me.

I don't think Durant is, or ever has been much of a pocket passer. Doug Berry needs to do a better job as the offensive coordinator moving Durant out of the pocket and have him take off a few times. He ran for 600 yards last year.

I didn't watch the BC game so I can't really comment on what Lulay did or didn't do. Massive expectations were put on his shoulders this year, with everyone predicting BC as a Grey Cup contender just one year after going 8-10. That's a lot to ask of a QB who doesn't even have a full season under his belt.

I seem to remember a few calling for Ray's head last year. Look at him now.

Exactly. Last year according to the armchair coaches Ricky Ray was over the hill. Amazing what a new coordinator and a couple playmaker receivers will do for a QB.

Fans in general overrate the QB position. It's one guy. Yes it's an important guy, but it's one guy. You can't drop Calvillo into Saskatchewan and suddenly go from 0-3 to 3-0. Saskatchewan in particular isn't a very good team, and starting a QB carousel won't fix it. Cleaning out the front office might be a good start though.

I think it is the exact opposite - our receivers this year are making him look worse. Our guys aren't going for the ball in tight coverage - tipping catchable balls into the defenders hands and running the wrong patterns. Look how good AC's guys are in tight coverage - he just has to get it near them and most of the time they will make the catch. Look at Getzlaf this year - he will make a super unbelievable catch one play and drop an easy one the next - case in point would have been our only TD against Hamilton. Durant does have his challenges but one must also remember it is only his 3rd season as a full time starter.

Part of it is because you guys don't have the same guys. Some have left, some are injured, etc.

For some reason people like to criticize Ray. I don't understand it... :expressionless:

[quote="Chief"]Part of it is because you guys don't have the same guys. Some have left, some are injured, etc.


The QB position is easily the most difficult position to play in the CFL, so I agree that we expect too much too soon. I think this sentiment is prevalent in all sports. No longer are people patient with athletes. It's all what have you done for me lately.

I'm one of the biggest fans on the Travis Lulay fan club. I really think he has the ability to be an elite QB, but he's had some groing pains this season. Lulay is in a very tough position with all the expectations and being the leader of a very young group with less than a seasons worth of experience as a starter. Once he, and the offence figures it out, I expect the Lions to play above the level they left off last year.

Durant has easily the best set of physical tools out of any starting QB, but he makes way too many mistakes. He still makes too many poor decisions in the pocket. I was shocked that TSN named him the 3rd best player in the CFL.

I agree. I must also add that a pile of Durants picks this year, like 4, had a first touch by a receiver. I would actually love to see a stat on that in the INTS and 2nd touch INTS. if a receiver touches a ball and it is then intercepted, that can not be put squarely on the QB.

The problem for Lulay is the club didn’t go out and sign any good receivers for him. Sure, there’s Geroy. And the 2 young Canadians - Gore and Foster - who, despite some drops, are performing better than I expected. A tandem of non-import vets coming off significant injuries - Jackson and Peterson.

But where were the import upgrades?

We lost Arceneaux (Vikings) and only have Dobson Collins, Steven Black, and Nick Moore, none of whom keep any D-coordinators awake at night.

Durant was never as good as people liked to think. He's very talented and he's got time to turn that decision-making part of his game around yet, but TSN calling him the 3rd best player in the CFL just showed how overrated he is. Yes, he was the league's leading passer last year.. he also had 35 INT + fumbles. He does have the best set of physical tools of any QB in the CFL. If he learns to protect the ball, he'll be great. I do think his receivers are making him look worse than he is this season, but I still don't want a guy who turns the ball over that much and hasn't improved in that regard in three years in the league.

I love Lulay. He's a ton of fun to watch.. throws a beautiful ball, has the deception stuff down to an art, very quick and mobile. He has some work to do but hasn't even been a starter for one year - I really think that in two or three seasons, as long as AC has retired, Lulay will be the best QB in the CFL. It's just my opinion.. I'm a huge fan of the guy though. Also, his receivers have arguably been worse than Durant's - it would probably help Lulay if they learned how to catch.

Basically, I completely agree with everything geroy_simon_081 said above.

I'm not saying Durant is the seconds coming of AC or Doug Flutie but I think we are lucky to have him. Hamilton gave up on AC and look what happened. Durant will get better, I think we're lucky to have him.

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I would love to see Dalton Bell get a chance in T.O. IMO this is a major waist of a potential talent in this league. Give this guy 4 or 5 starts and I would be amazed if he doesn't out-do what Lemmon does on the field. In all the times he has been called upon, he has done a lot more than 95% of other backups would have done. Joey Elliot was also getting some things done, but that appears to be de-railed for a bit. This Lemon thing in Toronto is starting to resemble the Danny Barret-Nealon Green love affair in Sask. a while back.

Seriously.... Can it get ANY worse?