Young ok's Longwood - Aberdeen

ockham: I see it as the opposite.....
I think if it wasn't for the Mayor's fixation on the WH this Longwood site would likely have not come up. I see it as a better choice than the EM site.
So in a perverse sort of way we should perhaps thank the Mayor for being so stupid for so long....and allowing last minute panic to set in as a way to get a stadium that satisfies Bob Young and the city's need for downtown area development.
If that's the way it all works out.
Surely the biggest quote of the year came from the Mayor today:
" "I will support the recommendation today," the mayor said."
To me thats Hamilton's equivalent of the Berlin Wall coming down.
Let's see what he does after the staff finishes their report. But it's a start.

The only reason the East Mountain site got on the table is the mediator suggested it. If the Mayor wasn't fixated on the WH and WH only there wouldn't have been a mediator.

13-2 vote in favour of studying the longwood site, great news! I think the city is finally moving back in the direction that it should be, holding hands with the Tiger-Cats again as a true partner.

We've seen the "end" of the stadium debate come many times, let's hope this is the beginning of the true end of the debate.

We've also seen the end of the WH trolls who signed on after Council's confirmation vote a couple weeks ago. Capt Kirk's post/day rate will return to normal also.

Does E have a very good nack for writing fiction LMAO!!

why not worry about your own town? seems you lost the soccer matches eh.

"I will support the recommendation today," the mayor said."[/b] To me thats Hamilton's equivalent of the Berlin Wall coming down. Let's see what he does after the staff finishes their report. But it's a start.
BUT... the Mayor is still sticking to WH as a fallback site in the event the other suggested sites fail to make the grade.

Considering City planners and HOSTCO both say WH is a non-starter and won't work without the TiCats, it's unbelievable that he even considers it.

He and McHattie are still trying to misappropriate government money INTENDED FOR A STADIUM to clean up a brown field at WH no matter what's been put in front of them.

How dense and hardheaded can they be???

(I just heard that McHattie has concerns with traffic at a Longwood site... vs WH and it's restricted traffic flow, it shows he's reaching and has absolutely no credibility.)

longtime: No matter. Minds have been changed. The stadium issue is still alive. There is hope.

Yes, still alive and quite honestly, if the Mayor felt he could get away with keeping WH looking alive, he would do this for sure as would I in his shoes, he saves face with his WH clan and HOSTCO doesn't reject him today.

Smart on the Mayor's part actually, he is using HOSTCO in some respects and toying with Bob as some might say. Albeit, I do have hope that he actually does want to get a deal done, but maybe I'm naieve. :?

He is very tricky and will say anything at any time, that much we know. As I say, I do have hope but I'm not sure how well grounded this hope is.

I am so on board with this site to, excited really about the possibilities for the TiCats and the City, finally by some sort of weird default in the process true City planing may be upon us. If the market strength of the TiCats begins in Hamilton which it does, then making access easier by location is the only way, this location opens up every possible means of access highway public transit as well as uniting a great area Westdale to the core, the ticket sale opportunity to the 30000 at McMaster (Walking distance) is incredible not only talking TiCats but for soccer and live events as the success of non TiCat events will be what makes the team a financial success for many years, the same way MLSE runs its venues.

I believe this location opens up many business opportunities from King and James to Longwood and beyond into the McMaster areas. Also the mention of re-locating the Hall of Fame to also have highway access is another benifit for Hamilton.

We all know where the Spectator building is, the reason is simply the location and being visible is everything.

Heres hoping this is it.

Earl: If a deal on the Longwood site does get done, I suspect all this crazy process will be long forgotten soon afterwards by everyone except the rabid Fred haters on this website.
I think the gigantic sigh of relief from all across the city will drown out those who continue to dump all over him. It just won't matter anymore.
Different thing though if the stadium at Longwood does not go ahead.

I just thrilled there talking about a new site ..

your signature says otherwise

Agree 62 and I will say some prayers Longwood or an equally good site does go ahead.

Yes, willing to discuss, but if you heard his interview he is still keeping the WH alternative on the table. This should have been completely buried. It is like he is dating a woman and everyone says the woman is bad for him so after much debate, he finally agrees to possibly see other women, but he his is still so in love with the first woman, and all he ever talks about is the first woman, that he can't be happy with any other woman. This man needs councilling.

Hammer, Fred is no dumb bunny, as I say he has managed to get an extension and still keep the WH site in the mix, for whatever reason. He done good, for him that is.

Good for him only is right - playing chicken with this City's future - with a lot of money at stake and a 141 year tradition hanging in the balance - for what? I still say the Em site is so much better than Aberdeen and WH should have been buried today - these guys make us the laughingstock of the country.

I agree that WH should have been taken completely off the table, but the point is that it is now just a backup plan, and that both the Mayor, City Manager, a majority of City Council, and the Tiger Cats are willing to work on planning a new stadium at a site other than WH that works for the needs of the city and the football club. Everything is now headed in the right direction.

Hopefully Longwood and Confederation Park are both considered, but I think Longwood will ultimately be where the new stadium ends up.

Since you love to critique my every word and action, 62

here’s back at ya’

rabid Fred haters? those who continue to dump all over him?

It’s obvious, you are among this latter group for all to see.

That sigh of relief across the City can’t overcome
your printed words calling Mayor Fred stupid, 62,

My Sig won't change till the have deal and Shovels in the Ground sorry