Young ok's Longwood - Aberdeen

#Ticats Young says team would consider Longwood and Aberdeen stadium site in a letter sent to the city. "Scratching Post"

He says he'll consider the location, not 'ok's' it. That's how the myth of Bob endorsing the WH got started.

Frustrating eh? :roll:

A lot of myths float aroung these parts it seems

....Five Year plan to win the Grey Cup
....Ticats are subsidized by the city

(to name a few)

Young is saying that if the City pursues Longwood, it is a site the Ticats can play at because it has lots of the attributes the Ticats are looking for.

That's a much better piece of news than "The Ticats are leaving Hamilton because we are building a 5000 seat stadium at WH."

There are still hurdles, but at least now council knows they have one more chance to satisfy the Cats so negotiations can go forward.

the actual letter on Ticats letterhead:

[url=] ... 4c47f5.pdf[/url]

And of course people at RTH are questioning Bob's motives here, one chap saying he's only saying this to save face rather than being genuine to get something done. I don't get some people. :roll:

Oh, I “get” them Earl…they are like professional victims who say they want something good to happen but when it does, they then try to harpoon it so they can continue to whine. :roll:

Man, I wish they'd use Canadian spelling. I know it's ticky-tack stuff, but this is a representative of the Canadian Football League.

Anyway, overall very encouraging.

Was interesting to see who this letter was also forwarded to. Bob is letting everyone know that he is ok with this site should they present it. So at least it takes the excuse away from the mayor that they don't know if the cats are ok with the site. Obviously nothing is done yet in regards to numbers but right now a site has to be submitted to Hostco and the local "Chiefs" have another opportunity to do what is right and this time they even get remediation and a downtown venue.

But I think they will find an excuse to sink it anyway.

As fun as it is on this board to mindlessly dismiss people only because they have opinions that contradict your own, you might want to read a little more carefully in the future.

The post about saving face on RTH says the exact opposite of what you claimed, and in fact claims something that I assume you would agree with:

"This is just the first scene in the final act of a carefully choreographed play to save face on the city's side after going down the most foolish path in Hamilton's history."

Despite profound temptation to make further comment, I'll resist.

Mayor Fred "It's the WH or Nothing" Eisenberger is now suddenly willing to discuss a new stadium somewhere other than the WH. Yes, there will be face-saving attempts. Hopefully the electorate sees through it and holds their representatives to higher standards. I also predict the Spec and other leftwing vuvuzelas will play the mayor as a victim who only wanted social justice and peace.

So the City has thrown the Ti-Cats (B.Y.) a little piece of bait and it looks as if he might bite on it. It seemed he was quite willing to go to the east mountain considering his associates has a large tract of land adjacent to the stadium site for developement, and it provided all the requirements of a stadium he could make some money with. Now he is thinking of some tract of land in a far corner of the city. Go figure. The city threw this out so they could keep the stadium in the west end, otherwise, they would have gone back to you know where.

Your crazy mayor should be done this election.
This Pan Am and hatred for the Ticats is his Waterloo.

red, the below is from a post at RTH:

Longwood is a deadwood disaster. How about that for taking Innovation and JOBS away from Hamilton. Guess this is the only way BY can save face and come back to the table.

Just read Fred's interview with RTH and he is still planning to vote for West Harbour and has concocted a plan where WH is the backup and its development paid for by the Feds and the Province. Bob's about to be had again.

Well I want nothing better than to see the Rheem site cleanup up and development there including residential uses.

As long as this doesn’t interfere with building an excellent facility at Longwood and all the funding from the feds and prov is there, what’s the problem? I am agains’t building just a stadium without some sort of cleanup of the Rheem site and a better use of that site than an old factory and ugly brownfield as part of the legacy of the PanAms.

Change at City Hall Hamilton will Require a Clean Sweep of current Members of it
New Blood is needed to make True Change

Not necessarily onknight if they can pull this thing out and save the TigerCats from leaving with a stadium in a good location for the team and get something done at WH as well.

I really like this site and mentioned to people at work over 2 years ago. Hwy access and visibility, not far from the West link to where the LRT will be in Westdale. And it will be a great presentation of the City when people drive through Hamilton on the 403. Thousands will pass the stadium daily, millions annually. Great area, I think this can work easily.....

I'd bet Confed Park and Aldershot are the TiCats preferences, but Aberdeen looks like it will work out fine.

If it wasn't for Mayor Fred's WH fixation this would have gotten done months ago.