young depth

tom canada is young to, 26 i think. so our ends are set for a while with walls at 26. santino hall 25, franklin 27, fields , and samules are all young so our secondarys looking good. robert grant is also only 26.

our QB's are all quite young and have alot of potential, well except quinn. Glenn is 27, banks is 26, michna's 25.

our O-line we have fiaconi at center who is 27. jaramese is 28, Obby Kahn is 26, parenteau is also 26. Matt sheridans only 29. tyler tap is 26(dont know who he is), also geyetvai at 28 and some young rookies. so we have kahn, sheridan, jones, and fiaconi for young talent.

reciever we dont have alot of young talent, gilies colon is 25, but a free agent. we have franklin a reciever from college 24...non imp(WR). AJ is 29, stoddards 29, we also have two good young recievers in adrian madise and michael coleman, but they havent had any professional experiance yet(imps)

simpsons 29, hebert is 26 for our linebackers. cedric dickerson is also only 26 and niel mckinlay is 25.

roberts is 27, thats pretty frickin awsome if u ask me.

i think were good to go for long term, we can alwayse do trades or sign free agents to remember.

To bad are Kicker, 54...brings up the teams average

madise and coleman could be pleasant surprises at TC.......madise was with the Broncos and they were pretty high on him......coleman came in late last year I doesnt look good for Colon, Taman appears to have drawn a line in the sand with him........

...I heard that MAYBE Gilles is hurt...and that an old injury is not healing....that is the reason the Bombers haven't signed him yet...or anyone else for that matter ..he is an fa......I am very confused with this one....but Taman always manages to do that to me every once in awhile...and then he pulls a rabbit out of the hat.....I'd like to see Colon back...if he passes the med. :roll:

how about Scot Mennie?

...Mennie is still around Kanga....but I don't know what the Bombers plans are for him at present.. :roll:

just checking, we need some of that U of Manitoba talent eh? :wink:

Speaking of Youth. Neil McKinley from BC, played in my Grandson’s football Association a few years ago. Is he going to get more playing time, or is he still considered Special teams / backup material?

Well his chances have probably gone up a little sporty, but he would still be a long shot............

Linebackers all new faces with Woodson retirement

Tue Apr 25 2006

By Ed Tait
THE Winnipeg Blue Bombers will head into battle this season with an entirely new linebacking crew.

Although he's yet to officially file his papers, the Bombers are bracing for the retirement of outside linebacker Sean Woodson -- the club's leading tackler last season -- as he is leaving football for a job in business.

"We haven't gotten confirmation of (his retirement) but we've been told he got a good job this offseason from some of the players and he's going to stick with it," said Bomber GM Brendan Taman. "As bad as our defence was, he was fairly productive for us and I thought he played pretty well."

Scooped up by the Bombers after he sat out the '04 season in a contract dispute with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Woodson finished fourth in the CFL with 90 tackles and added three sacks.

His departure, along with the exit of Lamar McGriggs and Ryland Wickman and the arrival of Barrin Simpson and Kyries Hebert, means three new faces will start in the linebacking corps. Among the candidates to replace Woodson are Cedric Dickerson, Travis Ortega, Ron Ockimey, Robert Grant and possibly Ike Charlton or Santino Hall, who may be converted from defensive back.

Hebert's arrival is expected even though he and his agent are currently challenging his Bombers waiver-wire pick-up last week.
"It's a popular question, but I don't know how to answer it because to me it's a non-issue: he's a member of our club," said Taman of Hebert. "I'll call Kyries and his agent just to see where they're at, but camp starts in a month and we expect him here."

BLUE NOTES: The Bombers continue to negotiate with Canadian safety Donnovan Carter and are making headway. The Argos are also said to be interested... Winnipeg expects to have undrafted receivers Blair Atkinson of the U of M and University of Guelph receiver Jeff Keegan signed and in camp next month... The Bombers are still waiting for the paperwork on an American punter they have agreed to terms with and will also soon sign Wilfrid Laurier placekicker Brian Devlin.

Hmm, you're right Piggy, pretty tough group to crack. Always like to track some of those home town boys. The old time coaches in Langley still drop his name every now and then.

McKinley re-signed with us Sporty.... I would love to see this guy get a starting position....he needs a little more playing time..... he sure has all the potential to be a star in this league ...given the proper reps.....a real good one.. :wink:

....Donovan Carter has signed on with the Bombers....and Sean Woodsen has retired...I see we are starting to show versatility and depth with Carters signing....something we really lacked last year.. :smiley:

Carter is a good signing for you.

Glad McKinley is hanging around. Whatever happened to ANother BC Boy...Doug Hocking? I remember him as a Linebacker backup and special teams. Someone said he is a coach or scout with the Bombers.....

Papa??? Piggy?? Info???

Carter is another good pu for is almost too hard to say who will be playing this year.........I LIKE IT........the competition should be amazing at tc this season..........

I remember the name but cant recall hearing it recently at all.......not sure.....

Maybe longer Piggy....Late 90's maybe?

...i remember a kid from Vancouver Island....Nanimo...I believe he was from.. the kids name was StJames.....don't know what happened to him or in football take some strange twists at times.. :roll: .

hocking got a coaching job for the raiders in bc junior ball

Thanks Blackdale.....I'll have to pay attention when they come to play the Okanagan Sun this season!