Young: Build Your Own Stadium.

Not a retort but a solution.

Bypass the human obstacles at City Hall and draw up your own plan and you keep every penny generated.

Your own stadium or a stadium owned by a conglomerate of your own choosing will be a monument to a real visionary and a symbol of for what could have been for City Hall.

Isn't being free of unfair, obstructionist gov't measures (that come with accepting gov't money) the dream of true capitalism ?

Ya know you might have something there.
It's clear that the city fathers have no vision and do not want major players to succeed in this city.
I'm totally talking out of my league here but hey it's okay to dream
I mean MLSE built their own barn and they keep it busy for 200 dates a year.
It would have to be in a high profile area that is conducive to having concerts, supercrosses, snowcrosses, wrestling matches, UFC bouts and oh ya sporting events with a couple Grey Cups to boot!

If it's built near a highway he could get $100 Mill over 20 years for the naming rights and generate $10 to $20 million in revenue a year if he gets the right talent to have concerts and the other event I mentioned there. Plus all the concession, advertising and parking revenue would be Bob's and his investors.

If you build it they will come Bob!..

The funny thing is that when building a 10,000 seat arena was brought up by private enterprise with no funding required by the city the city blocked it. If a stadium had any reasonable chance of profitability there would be no chance of Bob Young or any other business getting a building permit to built it. Without the chance of profitability only the city can justify building and only if there is some sociological benefit to the city that justifies the cost. I believe there is that benefit but at least 9 councillors disagree

Aren't you supposed to be banned from here?

Who said that ? Zontar sr. , like others, was lost in changeover.

Back on topic re: Profitability.

Young has maintained the barriers to profatibility has been an old stadium and its location. Building it yourself how and where you want it removes those barriers ?

Well, I would say just don't turn the dial just yet, no question.

Where does he build it? Does he own land somewhere in the area? would the city approve the zoning?
What if he built it himself, say in Aldershot which is the best location by far in the area?

But dont build it in Hamilton: this City does not deserve the taxes a private stadium would generate.

Yes ETM. :thup:

Gotta point there, give Hamilton City council what it it in Burlington! They'll accommodate it!
If find it hard to believe the council is representing it's constituents.

Not a bad idea actually but I think a bold move would be to go to the Niagara region with the team and take advantage of the Niagara Tourism brand. Also, some pretty major corporate sponsors would line up for exposure on the QEW in my opinion.

Marketing to football fans in the Buffalo/Syracuse and New Your State area might prove fruitful.

How about a stadium and entertainment complex on the QEW between St. Catharines and Niagara Falls......they don't even have a decent large scale concert venue down there such as Copps/Rogers Centre etc ........a new 25,000 seat stadium with a removable bubbled roof would be a major attraction to concert promoters.

.....just thinking out loud :wink:

I'm thinking London in partnership with UWO

I was thinking Niagara Region too, but didn't know if there's enough sports fans out there. Mind you I'd still come from Toronto to see my Cats play. You know with the CFL getting air time on the NFL network maybe we'll have a fan base built up for folks to drive up from the south to see a few games.

I still like that spot in Burlington that was right by the GO station and the highway. Probably could have concerts there too.
I sound like a broken record but...
I mean when you think about it the only way this stadium could be self sustaining is if it has the capacity to host a ton of other outdoor events. There's 150 days ( 5 months) of outdoor entertainment weather, With football, soccer, concerts, supercross, wrestling, trade shows and whatever else they can put in could have the stadium being used 100 days a year more if you put a retractable roof on it. Even if some of the events aren't sold out the stadium could pay for itself with in 10 years. 5000 parking spots at $20 each that's $100 000 each game right there that should cover operating costs of the stadium for each event. Then the naming rights, concessions and beer sales.
I'm sure, anywhere in the golden horseshoe - Burlington, Niagara Falls, St Catherines could accommodate a profitable venture like that. Bob just needs investors that will share the same vision...that is if Bob is considering this at all.
I really don't want to loose the team because of agenda serving polititians.

This is looking like the most realistic option - a fancier version of BMO field with 30k instead of 20k seats. Find a big open patch of ground next to that busy highway, bring in the real estate developers, the soccer folks, the CFHOF, and build that hotel and sports precinct whereever ya want it in vicinity of Hamilton. If the municipality concerned wants to help fund the project, add some community usage stuff, city signage, then cut them in as partners. The Jim Pattison group would love to have some of those big new LED screens that can run multiple ads , sitting roadside in the golden horseshoe, they just sponsored new stadium signage outside Commonwealth this year for Grey Cup as a matter of fact

According to the Ottawa Citizen, the Ticats will not be moving to Ottawa

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"Rim Red Hat Stadiium" in partnership between Bob Young and Jim Ballsillee somewhere Hamilton and Kitchener. Jim B. and Bob could do it let alone if you throw in some Braley and Foxcroft money then no problem. The city council of Hamilton has shown its complete lack of serious desire to keep the Cats and It absolutely breaks my heart but If I were Bob I would feel it is way beyond a reasonable or respectable time for a possible solution and the complete disregard for all that Bob has done is terrible.

Bob, please know that there are many season ticket holders wish you nothing but the best wherever you go. Merry Christmas Sir and Happy New Year

If BY doesnt build it outside of hamilton, then someday the headlines will be, Canucks win Cup, Ti cats still looking for a home. Damn shame.

Moving the Tiger-Cats doesn’t punish the politicians it punishes us, that is , season ticket holders and regular paying attenders and people who genuinely care about the team and the CFL.

Build it Bob, build it.

Actually moving the team is what some of the politicians like Merulla and Collins want I would say. That being said, what has to be done has to be done sometimes.

I've thought about the Niagara region as well in the past.
How about teaming up with Brock University (university w/o a football program) and build a facility that could house both the TiCats and the university and start a new tradition....???