You'll never guess who Coach Chamblin has cut

The fans!

See the June 26th "Letter to Rider Fans" in Rod Pedersen's (RR radio play-by-play guy) blog:

This was posted on yesterday:

What I saw: 1. Cut players at practice: - Macho Harris, worked out at CB, replaced TJ at times, looks pretty healthy - Jock Sanders - Taj Smith - Johan Asiata - Dan Clarke - David Veikune
  1. Injured:
  • Best, just watched
  • Bell - ditto
  • Rankin - ran stairs
  1. Offensive Line:
    Fulton - Labatte - Picard - Heenan - Patrick
  • Patrick now wearing #59
  • Neufeld subbed in frequently for Patrick and Heenan
  • looks like a very athletic O-Line
  • Heenan looks like a grizzled old vet in there!
  1. Receivers:
    Harper - Dressler - Bagg - Getz - Effin' Hill
  • Moss goes in as 6th guy
  • lots of sweeps to Dress and Bagg (probably shoulda left that out?)
  • Sisco got lots of reps as well
  • Dress & Bagg & Harper look oh so good, Getz was his usual "practice" self
  1. RBs:
  • Sheets looks amazing running the ball, some concern about his catching skills though
  • Hughes in at FB to block, also McHenry at TE sometimes
  • West is back-up RB at the moment
  1. QBs:
  • Durant looked good, as did Willy, they both got lots of reps with 1st team
  • JTOS definitely #3
  • Brown running the skelly offense, continues to throw the ball really well.
  1. D-Line:
    Willis - Sholo - George - Hawkins
    Evans, Mick Williams, Ellis and Veikune all getting reps as well

  2. LBers:
    Tbrack - Shomari/MM - Kromah

  • Newman subbed in for Tbrack
  • Stone subbed in for Kromah
  • Shomari & MM split MAC reps
  1. Secondary
    TJ - Russ - Patrick - C-Mac - Graham
  • Macho subbed in for TJ
  • Woldu subbed in for Graham
  • Maze subbed in for Russ
  • Newman for Patrick
  1. Milo was the only Kicker

  2. Returners were TJ, WEst, Moss & Sanders

Willis appeared ready to play.

That's probably what Chamblin was referring to. Now it's here for more people to see :smiley:

This is a fan friendly league and practices have always been open and that's the way it should be. Chamblin will have to come to terms with it like everyone else. There's nothing in there "extraordinary" His RB can't catch and they are running sweeps. Oh my !

If you go to the forum, they are all behind this decision so I don't think it is that big of a deal. It is a privilege to be able to attend practice as a fan, not a right. Once fans start abusing their privilege then things like this have to happen.