you'll be interested in what marty says...

everyone who is following the gm search will be keenly interested to read marty's column from yesterday. he sheds some light on how gil scott(agent) will have a direct effect on who SM chooses as the next gm. after reading that, i have to re-rank the candidates.
1-adam rita with steve burratto as HC
2-brendan taman(represented by scot)

enjoy the game, city legend

That's Smarty being Smarty. Whoever is hired as GM, I hope they keep Taaffe as HC. You have to admit, NOBODY could have turned this team around with the $^&* players he had to work with...

city legend: a link would have been helpful. here it is:

Its not a good thing for the CFL that Gil Scott has so much control over this small 8 team league.

The point is whether others could have made these same players into a more competitive team. I did not see Doug Berry looking as lost as Charlie during his first season as HC. Where was the fire from Charlie? What about his terrible selection of assistants...his questionable participation in the release of players who have gone on and done well elsewhere. Why could we have not got the same out of them? Maybe its because of Charlie's questionable game plans and his "system". Both of which looked totally inappropriate for a new team.
Now is the time to make a head coaching change too. It looks to me like he will be gone after another year anyway. He certainly does not look to me like a coach with great potential for the future or we would have seen much more of it by now.
I would have liked to see the Charlie we all expected but it hasn't happened.

mr. 62 cats, i know it would have BEEN helpful, it would also have been helpful if you could spell BEEN.
is it that hard to click and go to metro news?

citylegend: Unless you are brand new to the world of computers you should know that its an unwritten rule that you include a link to stuff you are referring to so we can check out your source ourselves. is everyone supposed to know who Marty York writes for?
Y'r welcome.

Oh..and one more thing. I corrected my typo. Now...will you learn how to use capital letters when you start a new sentence and use the word "I"? Thanks.

That's the safe, comfortable way a lot of people will want to remember it, no doubt - not enough wins = not enough talent = all DesJardin's fault. Lord knows it's easier to find one scapegoat and pile everything on him.

Remember that the personel changes weren't all made in the off-season - the airlift in and out continued for most of the season and some reasonable talent left town during that time.

I've got nothing against Taaffe himself, but I'm convinced that if he had hired coordinators that had even the slightest clue about Canadian ball before training camp, there would have been better, quicker evaluation of talent, better use of talent, and more stability on the roster much earlier.

And far fewer desperate, mid-season "we're in trouble - throw some #$%^ against the wall and see what sticks" moves.

In the end, DesJardins has responsibility for the coaching staff, even the guys Taaffe hired, and so he got the axe, but your statement that no coaching staff could have turned the team around with that talent is IMO false. There's a reason that no one expects any of the coordinators back next year, whether Taaffe is here or not.

Let's not forget that Taaffe had very little time to hire a coaching staff - the result being that there was very little CFL experience in his O- and D-co-ordinators. Remember that Rod Rust was replaced early in 2007.

There WAS a constant airlift of personnel - but who made those decisions? Taaffe certainly never said anything about departed players...

sigpig wrote:"Taaffe certainly never said anything about departed players...".

sigpig: Yes he did. Charlie was in front of the cameras at a news conference during training camp explaining why Hitch and Morrealle had to be let go. I also find it difficult to believe he was not in on the decisions to get rid of Holmes etc.

Taaffe WAS a pretty late hire, but Taaffe was apparently DesJardins' pick all along and danced around for weeks about leaving his home in Maryland during his son's senior year. He hired his friends - who knows how much further he looked.

I'm pretty sure no one was shipped out mid-season without the input of the coaches. It usually doesn't work that way, not with mid-season "adjustments".

They weren't getting performance out of the guys on the roster, so they kept bringing more guys in, presumably betting it was the players that were the problem and not the system/coaching. But then they often didn't get performance out of the replacements, either. So was it the guys or the system?

If Taaffe is let go, we'll never know - DesJardins has already taken the fall so everyone else gets a free pass for last year. If Taaffe stays, we might find out - depends whether he's learned something from the experience.

Apparently, Adam Rita would like Steve Burrato as his H.C.

Steve does not appeal to me as Head Coach
He appears to be very mild mannered.
He lost the locker room in B.C

He also did very poorly
as O.C. in Toronto this year.

I wonder if Obie has any strong preferences
for someone in particular to be his H.C.?

Dave Ritchie is a bit more of a hard-noser
and he`d like one more crack as an Head Coach.

If Charlie would accept being an Assistant Head Coach
he could look after our Offence with Dave as our D.C.

That way we`d get two men
with Head Coaching experience

and fill our greatest need…D.C.

Kent Austin also did poorly as the offensive co-ordinator for Toronto, and he looks pretty good now.
I can not see Charlie accepting a demotion to be co-head coach. I would like to see it if it meant getting Ritchie on board.

I’d want Charile to say .
He is a Good Coach IMO
I learned alot From Watching & listening to Charlie

He system is Sound
He did not have the Coaches to get it moving Right .
That was his Major Error.

I hoping the Next GM will Keep him.
Other Wise we are starting from Square one again
Give Charile 1 more season.

Actually Charlie hired several of Berry's coaches if I remember correctly . . . so in their first year they made several of the same decisions. Speculation, but they must be friends from Montreal I'm sure, and Charlie probably would have liked to raid more of Berry's staff, but did not want to gearner any more ill-will.

The problem here was stability especially with players . . . 4 pivots? 3 RBs? No imp wrs? Can't even name all the dbs and dls. When you save $1 million dollars under the cap . . . . you get what you pay for- and that ain't coaching. I'm reminded of that line in Bull Durham.

"Larry, what's our record?"
(edited) "3-15!"
"How'd we ever win three?"
"It's a miracle!"
" . . . . . . It's a miracle."

Well, we only won three games. So let's fire the coach and start over. Maybe next year we'll only win two. Then we'll all come here to complain about the coach and insist he be fired so we can start again.

Building a team takes more than a year, and the fact that we refuse to wait more than a year for a competitive team is the very reason we've gone so many years without one.

Charlie is a good coach. He kept the locker room trying hard even after they were long out of the race. To me that shows he has the intangible ability to motivate players. He put his system in place last year and now the players know what's going on and with a couple signings we will be competitive next year.

BigDave: can say what's to lose by starting over with a new coach? We are not far enough down the road with Charlie to know if he is the coach for the future. In my opinion we have not seen enough yet from him to say he is a keeper.
He may well turn out to be a keeper after another season or two but a more experienced new GM may have different ideas about the kind of coach this team needs at this early stage of development.
Another week or so should end this debate for another season. 8)

Lets hire a top end GM...whether its OB or Rita or Taman really matters very little to me, personally; "I" just want a proven professional with previous experience, and will know that "hiring and training" his replacement is a high priority for any business executive. (You don't want to "create" a team that some lame brain replacement will utterly ruin)

Yes, Taaffe committed the "sin" of hiring his buddies. He compounded this "sin" by not firing them when they proved incompetent. The next layer of the excrement sandwich was Marcel, not taking the situation in hand and firing one or both.

Had such action(s) happened, the players would have been given a "stern warning" with the famous "vote of confidence" from Senior Management.

Just where the various "player heads" are at in "conficence" in the team is very questionable right now (my opinion, only)

Lets bring in a top end GM, and give him his choice to retain or discharge Taaffe (and this choice may take a week or two), but its entirely correct that the GM will want his own man as HC, and oversee the OC and DC hires, let alone other assistant coaches.

Run a lot of tape, and define the "core players" that are going to be the backbone of this team, as opposed the "plugs" (hired to fill a hole) from the previous administration.

And therefore the GM is going to have to be someone that can work "seamlessly" with Mike McCarthy, head of scouting, who is going to have to find the guys to come in and fill in the training camp roster...

Okay, I've said too much already, and I've been wrong too many times before, just remember, these are "my" opinions...

One thing I find humourous is when people talk about Taaffe's choice of assistants. I have a feeling after he went to the coaching symposium he didn't find anyone that he felt was right and ended up going with people he trusted. Now the improtant thing is when people say we have to have CFL experience. We have that with our head coach. How is somenone supposed to get CFL if all we ever do is say you can't hire someone without it.

Our OC seemed to be able to implement a good game plan when Casey was firmly in place. We marched up and down the field and ran the ball at will against Sask at home until Casey got hurt. The DC was horrible. I will admit that.

Now for those that fault Charlie for firing the assistants, I wan to ask this one question. Who should we have hired HALF way through a season to implement a new offence and new language. And who was available. It's easy to say that someone needs to be fired without being able to name a reasonable replacement.

As mentioned, Desjardins should have fired the coach/coaches when he had the chance. They were all fortunate enough to keep their jobs until the end of the season. This lack of action led to Desjadins' demise IMO.
So, as I have been saying since the GM firing...Taaffe will be gone with the hiring of a new GM. In typical 'management' style, Mitchell has left the dirty work for the incoming GM.
Nice...your first job as General Manager will be to fire the coach.