You Wear This, Glanville.

Jones and Masoli have taken their lumps all year…

Now its your turn, defense.

We had the 22-6 lead but you could see our defense starting to fold during that 1st Ottawa TD drive. Then in the 2nd half Harris seemed to be able to drive down the field at will. He also drained the clock with dink and dunk passes to Sinopoli and Ellingson. Our defense just couldn’t get themselves off the field in the 2nd half.

Outcoached. That pesky word has been hanging around all year.

Nope. June Jones is a good coach bar none, no exceptions. Therefore his chosen DC is by extension a proven coach.

No CFL experience required.

No nuance, no experience necessary as he has a big charitable heart.

Weird considering Jones and Glanville probably have about 100 years combined coaching experience.

How many years in the CFL?

Oh sorry, coaching is coaching.

Couple things were glaringly obvious in this one.

When we are forced to make key adjustments against a equally good team we can’t.

When we get tight or nervous we take penalties.

Story of the season.

Maybe adjustments aren’t needed against Troonto, they just don’t have the horses to keep up.

But again, the mistakes made last night are the same ones we’ve made all season. You shouldn’t expect any different.

June Jones is NOT a good coach. Frankly, I think his record rather flatters him. In close games he's more of a liability than an asset. He just can't get out of his own way and he is alittle clueless about the CFL. He's just not good enough. With this talent the Ticats should be blowing the league away and here we are still meandering around mediocre.

Simply put, Ottawa matches up well against us - kind of like Sask.
But yes we do need to be able to make adjustments - which we are not good at.
With teams like this, we need to be able to play small ball (if i can use a phrase from baseball); long drives eating the clock.
On D we did a good job against the run, but couldnt stop the 8-10 yard passes.

Now, we need to get our 3rd, 4th and 5th recievers more involved; esp Mike Jones.
Perhaps McDaniel will be more involved with plays up the middle as most of JM passes are to the side.

We pretty well know we are finishing 2nd; time to rest a few players; tryout some new ones.
Tighten up the D.
Most of us predicted it would be a .500 season at best…and it is. :-\

What other options were there? Not a heck of alot in a 10 season sample size.

Most predicted it, because we don't get our sights too high anymore.
This team realistically should have been at MINIMUM 10-8 (still possible) and winning the East.
Problem is the 10-8 we may get is with (currently) 1 win against a team that matters.
That's not good enough, and if you accept it then apathy sets in.

If we want a chance at the Grey Cup we need to bring in another speedy receiver. With all the contacts June Jones and Glanville have…they should be able to find someone maybe even someone that has played in the run and shoot offence like Chad Owens

You mean the guy who got injured in his first practice back with us? What's the point in that?

Exactly. We definitely do not need another small, injury prone receiver. Plus it seems to take them a month to understand the offence and then two or three games to put it into effect. He wouldn’t be ready until Christmas.

Like I said even last year, I am NOT a Jones fan. Hasn’t ahown that he is a true blue “best’ coach at all. High accreditations came with him but he ( and his US DC buddy) haven’t shown a thing yet. Maybe they are saving their best for the playoffs. Rope-a-Dope football style.

I'm with you. Offense is not the issue. The league stats prove it. We've got several guys that have broke, are going to break all time team records.
No doubt Jones could study up on the CFL. Orlando needs to speak up a bit he's the experienced one.
I see the Defence and Special Teams as an ongoing liability. Inconsistent and undisciplined. I've watched NFL for 40years. Glandville had defensive talent back with Atlanta. He manages his Defence with "attitude" just look at him? Problem is he's dealing with a bunch of stallions and he lacks the ability to rein them in when it counts. I think..I hope the talent is there in the players but I don't think he's the guy to lead the Defence?