You want to complain about the media?

Tony Gallagher is being interviewed by Glen Suitor and David Pratt right now on the Team 1040 about his article last week. HIs article was initially about how the Lions have no reasonable QB options...and then he inserted the following three paragraphs:

Note the term "win on a regular basis" is used. This is not to say they couldn't win a Grey Cup, which is something completely different.

After all, we are talking about the CFL, where if you somehow manage to scrape into the playoffs, you're only three wins away from a championship, no matter how bad your record may have been over the course of a season.

And at that championship point, everyone jumps up and down and pats each other on the back and acts as though they've cured cancer and declare themselves winners, when in fact somebody has to come away with a trophy in a league that has just eight teams.

Suitor is serving him up right now. You can listen live at

Gallagher is a tool. He says the dumbest things and then tries to backpedal out of it. He has basically been saying that the CFL is an easy league to play in, win in, and that it's really for little kids. He rips the league because 6 of 8 teams make the playoffs, which according to Tony is around 70%...but he's not sure. Ha!

Oh boy....he just called the NFL, "the REAL football league, the MAJORS."

...ooops....I forgot to give the link for the article: ... cb65754af3

Darn...just missed it.

Whatever, he probably doesn’t understand the logic that 6 out of 8 teams making the playoffs means you’ll really be embarrased if you don’t make the playoffs therefore way more pressure than in a league where just 16 out of 30 make it, you can say, oh well, not too many teams make it. That type of thinking is probably a tad above this character.

The “real” football league? What is the guy, a child? How do these people get jobs in the media resorting to child-like discussions? I don’t get it. Does he not think there is any pride to being the Grey Cup champs, champs of Canadian football? He probably doesn’t even know what the word history means and what it entails.

I've often found Gallagher's commentary to be very condescending and whiny. He made a comment to Suitor about "the golden years of your precious CFL." At which point Suitor said, " it's personal. I wasn't going to mention that you've never put on a jock and you've never worked out with a team and been dedicated to trying to win...." Gallagher skirts around things that are said to him, and instead of answering he just says something even more offensive so that you forget about what he previously said.

EDIT: the way...they're streaming the commentary again...this is presently from about 20 minutes before they actually got Gallagher on the air...

You are right Sheep. Gallagher is a clueless fool. He is a "NHL wannabe agent". He is Vancouver's version of Marty York. He was relentless in critisizing Brian Burke and all the good work Burke did.

Gallagher belongs at the National Enquirer

Damn, I’m sorry I missed this. I would’ve loved to see Glen Suitor tear this guy a new one. :smiley:

Tune in on their streaming audio. I think you can hear it again. I preferred Suitors talk before Gallagher came on…because Gallagher dances and skirts, and does it well. But if you listen now, you’ll hear Suitor make an impassioned speech in defense of the CFL.

I don’t know him and haven’t heard him speak or read anything he’s written but sounds like the guy isn’t worth taking too serious. Maybe he’s just paid to be stupidly controversial instead of someone paid to actually discuss issues in an intelligent manner. Emphasis on the word stupid here.

I clicked Listen Live, but they're discussing hockey... Did I click the wrong link?

It was on a bit earlier Chief, but I think they are replaying it right away

It could have been that my streaming audio got caught in a loop. They don't exactly have a good online stream. If I leave it running, but close my computer, it will pick up where it left off when I open it back up.

I thought I heard it skipping at one that would explain it.

They are replaying it 5:30 vancouver time...85 minutess away

I;ll try to catch it then. Thanks.

Just some background Tony Gallagher has been a long time Sports Reporter for the Vancouver sports scene . This is not the first or last time Tony has put his foot in his Mouth . I'm not sure He even knows Football, all his reporting is on the Canucks and I think they have even kicked him out of the Dressing room on occasion . Brian Burke wanted to punch his lights out.

I like that there are only 8 CFL teams, Just like the NHL,s original 6, teams play each other several times and it builds the rivalries, in the Never fl , teams may Never play each other, how can you pick a Champion if there is no Competition for it? Majority of games are meaningless bad teams playing bad teams, IF the CFL could expand I would not want more than 16 teams at the most or there would be some teams not playing each other and the Championship would be tainted, as are all U.s Bowl Games

I can't comment about the media in other cities. But in Winnipeg the media has done a wonderful job in exposing Kelly and Bauer for what they really are. Sometimes the media can work in the masses favor. However Kelly has a problem with foot and mouth disease. The press only needs to report what stupidity comes out of his mouth.

Wow just heard the replay...that Gallagher sounds like a real prize. Thanks to the people who have put some background information up about him. I think he just says any words that come to mind and hope they go together...making sense..well that is another story. Good job Suitor!

I just caught a clip of their exchange (I don't think they played the full thing), and this guy really is an idiot.

He argues that it's easier to win a championship in the CFL than it is in the NFL because you only have to play 3 games, and 2 if you win the division. Newsflash: In the NFL, teams only have to play 4 games, 3 if they secure one of the top two spots in either division. So we're talking about a difference on A SINGLE GAME. That's it. And when you figure the CFL plays 18 games instead of 16 like the NFL, CFL teams play just as many games as NFL playoff teams.

I think oilerrocker was right when he said this clown doesn't actually know football, and he showed it right at the start when he mentioned there are only 8 teams, and considering one team is Hamilton, it's more like 7.

Apparently he hasn't been following this season. The Tiger-Cats are sitting at .500 right now. And if we're going to talk about crap teams, what about the Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams, Detroit Lions... I could go on and on.

I don't know if anyone else is still listening, but I liked what one caller said, and it got me thinking about something.

Football is probably the hardest sport to play. It's like a physical version of chess. You're constantly trying to outsmart your opponent. You have to constantly change your game plan, make adjustments. You don't see that in other sports.

What puts the CFL over the NFL is teams in the CFL have to prepare for the same team multiple times. Take a look at the three games between Edmonton and Saskatchewan. Each game was a battle. They've had to constantly adjust because you can't do the same thing you did last week, or the week before.

Could you imagine how difficult it'd be if the Colts had to play the Patriots 3 or 4 times a season?

Nothing against the NFL, but I think the CFL schedule is probably harder.

Yeah, yeah, I'm turning into Cobra by making multiple posts... :lol:

I also liked what one of the DJs said. He brought up the fact that for a long time, the NHL only had 6 teams. Does that mean we should crap all over the Stanley Cups that were won then just like this guy is crapping on the Grey Cups that have been won?

This guy is apparently supposed to be a hockey guy... if that's the case, shouldn't he be aware of the history of the league he supposedly follows? I kind of wish Suitor had brought this up. Oh well.

This guy is a total douchebag. Not worth it (even though I just devoted three posts to him :lol: ).