You wanna see how little class the people down south have?

read these articles from their major paper, its amazing how much ignorance and jealousy is put forth:

Esks supporters holler back
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Font: * * * * Bruce Dowbiggin, Calgary Herald
Published: Thursday, December 01, 2005
"We win the Cup . . . look at me, I'm dancing . . . we win the Cup . . . look at me, I'm dancing . . . "

"Uh, Danny, that was only second down . . . "

"We win the . . . Really? Oh. Never mind."

All right, they get a little excited in Edmonton when they actually win something. Eskimos coach Danny Maciocia, who really is a nice man, got a tad carried away in the big game Sunday, celebrating the Grey Cup win a down too early.

It happens. (Hey, Columbus thought he'd made land in China and he was just halfway.) But Maciocia was just expressing the inner child of Edmonton, a wee voice screaming, "Now you have to like us!"

When you're the most northernly major city in North America, you sometimes have to remind people you're there. So you can imagine the ire of Edmontonians when it was suggested in this space that perhaps the green and gold had pulled a "No Payments Till 2006!" special, trading for Troy Davis and Dan Comiskey late in the season without having to surrender QB Jason Maas till after the season.

Well, I wasn't the only one who might have thought the deal a tad suspect. Writes Laura Szeftel:

"They had the benefit of keeping Jason Maas when he should have been traded when they received Troy Davis. If this is true, this is unfair and stinks, because Edmonton should not have had the benefit of keeping Maas, who was a major contributor in beating Calgary and B.C."

Exactly the point I made Monday.

Then the Capital Gang warmed up.

"Sour grapes, huh? Very sophisticated of you, making a mountain of claims you cannot prove. Criticizing a team for making a deal that hasn't even been substantiated that you just wish your team could pull off. And here I thought it was just the fans that were whiners."

-- Joshua D. Knaak

"Yesterdays (sic) Grey Cup was one of the best in CFL history. It is people like you that make me Thank-ful (sic) Tampa Bay won last season! Whiner.

-- Gary Fairfull

"I cannot believe that a grown man who is a sports writer is whinning (sic) about the Eskimos winning! The Eskimos beat the Lions before they got Davis and big ole Danny and knocked them off their winning streak. Yes, they had a up-and-down season, but the fact remains, the Eskimos are the Grey Cup Champs.

-- Cathy Gass (say hi to A.J., Cathy)

"For someone who is a transplanted easterner (sic), you have certainly picked up the 'Hate Edmonton' mantra. It is and always will be a classless and cheap way to please the very basest of your readers. I suggest that if the Stampeders had made such a transaction during the football season that contributed to their winning the Grey Cup, the deal would have been heralded (pardon the pun) as genius. Even Don Matthews showed more class with his post-game comments than you did with yours. Shame on you!

-- Diane Hemstock

"That was the best cfl (sic) game in history, quit embarassing (sic) yourself, OK? P.S. your negative drivel is getting old i (sic) will cancel my subscription so long as you are there . . . "

-- STW

"Classless column -- as always."

-- Mark Snaychuk.

"Congratulations, Bruce . . . I shouldn't be surprised at the tone you took. After all, you do cover sports in a city that recently raised a hockey banner for a second-place finish.

Sincerely, Dale Bochon. (Actually, I like that one.)

Ouch. Some people. Look, I'm very fond of Edmonton. Lived there three years. Have friends who are garrisoned . . . I mean, live there. In fact, as penance for my sins, I've drawn up a list of the great things about Alberta's capital city.

  1. Malls so big you can hold a parade.

  2. Malls with pirate ships and dolphins.

  3. White mud.

  4. An airport halfway to Red Deer.

  5. The statue of Gretz.

  6. Paved sidewalks.

  7. More malls.

  8. Brian Hall's hair.

  9. The train goes through there.

  10. The highway to Calgary.

Hope this clears up any misunderstandings, Eskimo fans. By the way, I hear if you get to the Grand & Toy, you can still catch the end of the Grey Cup parade., email Bruce and tell him what you fact, invite him to join our happy little world here and debate this directly with you and boondocks.....

Quite simple, eskimoswinitall. Crygary sports fans are, by necessity, crybaby little whiners full of LOSER excuses. Dowbiggin is no better than RedandWhite or stamp78. When their stumps get stomped year after year after year, decade after decade by The MIghty Edmonton Eskimos, they can never admit that they just plain got beat fair and square by the better team. It's gotta be the refs. If it's not the refs, its the field conditions. If it's not the field, it's a conspiracy theory.

If it's none of the above, then just start bashing the whole Capital City of this great province of ours, and try to tarnish the Grey Cup victory that way. Like crygary doesn't have malls, dowbiggen. Edmonton just has better ones.

.....well, you would know what kind of malls Calgary has now wouldn't you?......

Probably not big enough to hold a pathetic "almost champions" rally for the flamers. Does crygary really need to get that excited over LOSING? Just because they "almost" won it?? Has it really been that long since you won anything, crygary? At least Macciocha was celebrating when the outcome of the game was pretty much a foregone conclusion. And the Eskies actually WON it.

wow redandwhite, your a mod here? lol this is truly an embarassing forum, i can see why noone posts here compared to the other fun and realistic forum out there about the cfl, take care.

RedandWhite is used to cheering for the stumps, so moderating for an embarrassing forum does not seem odd to him at all. He's use to unprofessionally run and embarrassing organizations.

.......if this forum is so embarassing then I guess we won't be seeing either of you around here anymore...........

......for the record, I didn't lock this thread, but I am unlocking it as I believe it is a current hot topic in the CFL and deserves to be debated.....I for one don't necessarily agree with a lot of Dowbiggin's comments, but then again I think your Terry Jones is a complete moron at times too........anyway, open again for discussion.........

uh ya sure ok,so long as you talk about football…