You tube video from (OttawaNow ) eastern final

I found a great you tube video of eastern division final from (OttawaNow) . He or she videos from the hill behind the Eastern end zone ( near the sculpture ) . At times he or she captures the atmosphere perfectly . If I figure out to link it I will . Great videos of TD Place if you r a CFL diehard looking for positives in this league or never been to TD place . :rockin:

I'd love to help but I can't seem to locate it...

The title to query Downtown Ottawa Civic Centre Td Place Lansdowne park ( that’s the title they put to it ). He or she placed several videos on you tube .

The 15:30 one is well done . The owner is OttawaNow . I hope it helps .

Small wonder I didn't find it then. I was looking for something specific to Eastern final.