**** You TSN!!!

No CFL tonight. They are showing minor league car racing instead. WTF!!!!

So TSN should be putting a game together? If they are not playing they can not air it.

Is the game tomorrow :oops:

I was in the kitchen and it said, The league leading Redblscks vs Argos
Then I come out and Nascrap is on.
Why is the game on Sunday? Summer isnt over yet. Maybe its to give the Argos an extra day of rest, but Montreal played yesterday. Makes you wonder why the Montreal game wasnt today, and the Stamps game then could have started at a decent hour.
Half of thr fans that left yesterday, probably left not because of the score, but because it was so late.

Sleep it off, my friend. Just sleep it off and come back tomorrow.

So now we're complaining about a Sunday game on a long weekend?


Oh, bungle, do you even think about what you say before you say it, or is it always after you take your medication?

OMG, this is the second funniest thing I’ve read today! :lol:

It is too bad there is not a game tonight instead of two last night - one of which ran too late for about 2/3 of the population of the country.

While we're on schedule complaints - here a Tim Hortons field fix for Ti-Cats' fans. This a shot I took at sunset tonight as I cycled by the stadium.

After all we haven't seen it for 23 days since our last home game - and it is still another 21 days from tonight before we all gather there again for our next home game.

44 days between home games - ridiculous!


The CFL needs a 10th team for no other reason than to balance the schedule.
I honestly believe that Quebec City is the only viable market.
How they have never built a stadium in a city of that size is very very strange.
Quebec city is larger than both Hamilton, and Winnipeg.

[url=https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_census_metropolitan_areas_and_agglomerations_in_Canada]https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of ... _in_Canada[/url]

That's something we can agree on bungle a 10th team. Are you stepping up to the plate to build a stadium and fund the team or are you just good at spending other peoples money?

How was the arena in QC built?

No idea? Quebec taxpayers? PPP? Are you going to negotiate the deal with Laval as well so they will allow a CFL team?

I will say this much.

I hate double headers.

On a day when I go to a game, I miss the second half of the first one.

Spread them out. Thu - Fri - Sat - Sun.

They are more enjoyable that way.

I've noticed that too... One way is to put 30 mins between the end of the first game and start of the next. Otherwise I'm not really a fan of double headers unless they're on Saturday or Sunday...

The Argonauts 2013 - 2015 schedules are laughing at you.

Agree, 100% - both about the Friday double header and the lack of home games for the Ticats. Scheduling made no sense this weekend because there was nothing else on TV last night - I walked and watched Dateline reruns. :thdn:

And no reason for 44 days on the road with absolutely nothing major happening at Tim Hortons Field over that entire 44 day duration. (Unlike the Argos schedule issues that were/are due to stadium conflicts).

Methinks Bungle should apologize to TSN? They have feelings too :slight_smile:

Have you checked out this upcoming week's schedule? In particular Thursday night.

Wednesday - 8:30PM ET - Hamilton @ Winnipeg. A bit late for a weeknight ending near 11:45PM here and well past midnight in Atlantic Canada - but not too bad. I can live with it for one weeknight.

Thursday - 7:00PM ET - BC @ Montreal followed by a 10:00PM game Saskatchewan @ Calgary at 10:00PM ET. So a weeknight doubleheader with the second game likely ending around 1:15AM ET. Needless to say - I won't be watching the second half of that one.

Friday - No game (avoiding the Olympics Opening I assume)

Saturday - Edmonton @ Ottawa at 7:00PM.

Not a fan of the Thursday doubleheader.