You see?

Did you guys see after the 3 minute warning how the Rider fans amped up the volume on D?
Did you also see how badly that screwed up the Bomber OL and everything else?
This is EXACTLY what we need to be doing to the Arblows all day tomorrow.In no way should we give them a break or an opportunity to hurt us.Be loud, heckle the Arblows and support your Cats right until the 4th quarter clock reads 0:00.None of this leaving with 5 minutes left garbage.None of us like trying to leave a jam packed stadium but for Labor day, it's worth the sacrifice.
GO CATS GO!!!! :rockin:

I'm sitting right behind the blew team's bench... they will certainly be hearing ME!!

This is what I wanna hear guys, make some noise!


I’ll be as loud as ever. Nothing like a game against the Arblows to get the blood pumping.