You people drive me NUTS!

You all sound like Leaf fans. Looking to blame somebody. It's a team game pete's sake. And Jason Maas is ranked 3rd in the CFL right now for passing.

2006 Passing Stats

He plays with 100% of his heart! I haven't seen somebody who wants to win so bad in sometime.

Great post!! It seems like thats all people want to do around here is b****

hey buddy...sure he is 3rd in passing yards, but take a look down the line in the column TD, where he has 3 and is ranked LAST, also look down farther into the column INTS, where he has 7 and has the most...just because he is ranked 3rd in passing yards means he is good, you have to read all of the columns to get a judgment on just HOW GOOD he really is, and so far from the stats and his performances, he isn't 'THAT' good

Then he should start playing better for what we are paying him and stop panicking when the play doesn't develop and throw the ball away, he may be third in the league but most of his passes have been maybe 10 yds. Mass runs the show out there so he has to get these guys going period !!!

I looked down your TD coloumn and it is ZERO!

I'm not necessarily b*tching about his performance, im just saying for how much hype there was about him and he hasn't lived up to it...yet...I hope its poapoa calling all the short passes and not maas telling him to only throw short because he can't throw it deep...cause thats what it seems like :?

He may be 3rd in passing yards but he is also 1st in interceptions which isnt a good thing. But with that being said I like the guy and havent really blamed him for the Ticats losses.

I agree, 2 close losses by 3 pts or less, if we would have won those games the season is a different story and we prolly wouldn't be talking about this

I would like to see less INTS thrown of course, well who wouldn't?

I'd like to see down with INT's, and up with TD's! :thup:

Maybe it's just me and my jaundiced view, but I get upset at some people's choice of words. We are paying Maas nothing. If the writer had said..""start playing better for what he is being paid"...that becomes just criticism of his performance, which is OK.
This is like some who have said things like.."WE should spend a few millions to upgrade IWS".. OH, whose millions? It's so easy to assume rights that we do not have, and never will.

Hey Wilf, I PAY for seasons tix. I have for years. Whether you agree or not that means that YES INDEED I DO PAY THE PLAYERS SALARIES. The bottom line is that we the ticket buying public are 100% responsible for the Ticats existence and we pay ALL of the expenses. Corporate sponsors would be zero if the stadium was empty and there would be no TV without us watching either

So what's your point?

Nobody is forcing you to pay for tickets, thus salaries.

Keep in mind this team with your ticket purchases in 2003 was in receivership. If it wasn't for the Caretaker, we wouldn't be chatting about the TiCats right now.

And if there weren't faithful fans in the first place Mr Young would not have invested in the Cats. So what's YOUR point?

I think the problem is moreso playcalling. Look at that int thrown last game... that was all in the way the play was set up. Took way too long to get into formation. It was just a garbage play.

sure hes ranked 3rd.. but hs rating sucks..

dickens isnt first but he has the best rating out there

My point is that there is a balance between ownership, sponsers, fans, players, and the league. At any time, anyone could walk away from the team. So, you do not pay the entire way, thus has any "rights" to criticize, condemn or complain in any manner you feel fit.

If you don't like the way things are going you can always walk away. In case you haven't picked this up yet, whinning doesn't accomplish anything except drive other people away from the team.

I'm still not sure I see your point, if there is one.

Get a hair cut and get a real job :smiley:

In the words of 'Comic-Book Guy' from Simpsons:

OK I've been bounced twice already so I'll keep this short.

The ticket buying public are the owners of the team and Bob Young is but a guardian which he seems to understand more than you do.

NOBODY should stop buying tickets or stay away or the franchise will surely die. I am sure neither side actually advocates this.

Talking seems to have INCREASED attendance not the opposite as you suggest. Really all the chatter does is illustrate that people care. THATS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody says you have to like everything people say about the Cats so grow up and grow a skin. Your opponents need you at the stadium as much as you need them Without each other neither of you will have a team to watch