you need brains in the CFL

Tee Martin scored 11 on the Wonderlic

Bishop scored even worse, a 10

Wynn put up an average number, 25

Jason Mass, an impersive 43

Brad Banks put up a 13, bad sign?

Davenport, Oscar 1999 North Carolina 6

is lower than 10

also Marino was only 13

so not sure how much you want to put on this stuff.

Marino didn't play in the CFL, where intellegence is a much bigger asset
allmost all QBs coming into the CFL neede to adapt to a diffrent type of game then they've been playing almost all of their lives, that requires intellegence

In any sport, you need brains..(rule of thumb for a coach),pick the smart ones..
Marino score does suprise me..he had such great on field vision....
Maybe he had a brain freeze..or he became smarter as he grew older..