You Make the Call

OK you're the Defensive coach and your facing the Cats.
Your primary job: To stop the Cats running game and some guy named Jesse Lumsden.
Who would you rather face:

Jason Maas: Veteran QB, reads Defensive allignments, no deep ball threat, not much of a mid-ball threat. Throws almost entirely 5-7 yard passes. Not much mobility under pressure, easily shaken under pressure, a real competitor (he's got game.)

Timmy Chang: Rookie, still unknown for the most part, not sure about ability to read defences, Long ball threat, mid-ball threat, short pass threat, very mobile under pressure, quick feet, gets excited and tends to get happy feet during heat of the game, has tendency to throw interceptions...

I know who I would like to play against... but would be interesting to hear your comments

Jason Maas.

Put 8 men on the line and dare him to throw something over them

If its next week I wouldn't want to face either because the Cats will be ready to kick some butt.

However I would rather face Chang. Once the Cats get the rest of the pieces of the puzzle in place I would like to see some plays developed to utilize Changs mobilty and arm. A 1-2 punch with different styles would be tough to prepare for.

Chang. The offensive playbook would be limited and he would be pront to rookie mistakes. I would show blitz and drop back 9 in coverage to get the INT's. I would destroy any rhythm he might get by HB or CB blitz from our right (his blind side), since the O-line cannot bloock worth a darn.

BTW - your assessment of Maas has a lot to be desired. From the game I saw, he had vdery gfood mobility, and was NOT afraid to pull the ball down and run.

Actually his assessment is bang on.

Why am I not surprised you made that comment blueteamconvert? Your obvious hatgred for Jason Maas is downright disturbing. 972 posts, of which 950 are anit-Maas. Whatever ticks you off about him, get over it. Last I saw, Bob Young wasn't paying you to run or coach the team. And by your own admission, you do not buy tickets.

What IS your beef? Why make it so personal? Why must you relentlessly attack anyone who shows ANY support of Maas?

He just agreed with the assessment.

I am anti Maas? Yessir. You know why? Because he is incapable of playing at a high enough level for ANY team to win. Put him on any other team and he'd still have exactly the same problems. BTW I sincerely doubt your stats. I've commented on all kinds of topics and you cannot see past your love affair with Jason. Does his wife know about you?

Guys let's keep this one on topic. So far the responses are farely interesting. There are other places for the Maas, Chang arguments and I personally encourage them elsewhere because I find them the most entertaining of all. I would like to see fan's justifications for wanting to face one over the other...thanks

Moderator....I would like to see the above poster
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       BOB DO YOU AGREE??????????

I am responding to Sig in the same fashion that he started addressing me. Ban him and you won't need to worry about me

[quote="sigpig"] And by your own admission, you do not buy tickets.


I have seasons tix and have mentioned it often

I stand corrected. My appologies.

I accept yours