You Make The Call...

Imagine that you’re losing by close to two touchdowns and there’s 10 seconds left in the first half.

You’re on the 40.

Your options?

  1. Go for a short yardage play to ensure that your good kicker gets you the field goal.
  2. Try for a 25 yd. play down the sidelines.

You Make The Call…

We did in the stands and thought that the short yardage one was the way to go. Our coaching staff didn’t and Setta just missed the 47 yard field goal. Is there anyone out there who can explain this call to me?

I can't, I thought the same thing, get a little closer for the field goal.

Watching the broadcast Taaffe made it VERY clear to Maas on the sidelines that he wanted him to run... he gestured and you could read his lips saying "10 more yards gets us 3 pts" or something like that..... he had SO much room to run for at least 10 more.

That one isnt on the coaching, its on Maas.

Well- now I'm relieved.... still upset at the play... but relieved that it wasn't the coach's call.

i say..... #1

The points could have really helped us. A few yards down the middle would have been a good set-up for Setta. Conversely, a 25 yard completion to the sidelines would have moved the LOS closer to the goal line, but given Seta a terrible angle for a FG attempt.


Taaffe did well to shelve his "I will eat you alive" stare when Maas came back to the bench.

You scramble, get as much yardage as possible, and set up Setta with a far easier kick. It's game management 101.

Oski Wee Wee,

There were also 2 receivers on that side of the field on that play in the 10-15 yard range, but it looked like they were both well covered.

So yeah, I don’t put that decision on the coaches either.

The one benefit of the doubt that I’d give Maas on the play is that he may have been worried that if he ran it the clock might run out. He had already used up about 4 seconds rolling to the outside.

Obviously take the short yardage play but that is easier said then done in that situation. Put yourselves in Maas' shoes. Our a QB your job is to distibute the ball to the "playmakers" as he rolls out and see's he has a shot down field he went for it. In the heat of the battle it was a quick decision that he had to make. If he runs he picks up 5 or 10 yards which makes the FG attempt easier. But what if he completes the pass the receiver breaks a tackle and scores a TD. He becomes a least till his next throw. I would have either ran the ball or thrown a quick pass to pick up 5 or 10 yards

Take the yards and get the 3 points. If there's time after that for another play, take a shot at the endzone, but get the easier 3points set up for sure.

Hindsight is 20/20 on this one. It looked like it was Maas' decision to throw it deep. He had a guy in man coverage, but didn't make a very nice toss, and it was almost caught.

I was watching on TV, and it certainly looked like Charlie felt that Jason would have been better to run to give them a shorter FG chance.

You never know, Maas may have got killed if he ran, and Setta may have still missed from 40 yards. All we know for sure is Jason went incomplete deep, and Setta missed the FG.


True enough. Had the pass been completed, maybe it's a different game. Maybe the FG is even that much easier.

I certainly don't begrudge Maas' shot downfield. Hell, we've all been demanding deep shots since last season.