You live by the pass and you Die with the pass

Most evident over this season is the lack of respect for the running game by Austin and Condell. As the subject would suggest
a team that will only dress one running back for the second time this season and consistently fails to run 15 to times per game is doomed. The Tiger Cats need to realize down the stretch the run game can set up the pass and play action and most importantly kill the clock. When you dress only one running back and that person gets injured the opposing team should be licking their chops because they know it's the pass. As soon as TSN showed Madu on the sidelines with an icepack and the failed double reverse the game was over. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Do you honestly think if Palmer came into the game we would have won?

Grover - Palmer - Palmer who is special teams player at best. I mean a real running back with power and strength and speed and great hands. Other team find them and then again the Cats do not respect the run and this will cost them dearly. A good solid team and I mean solid team has a sustainable running game. The Cats don't so this will cost them down the road when they need it.

At this point in the season, if Palmer is the best back they can come up with to compliment Madu, the personnel guys aren't aren't doing their job.

Three running backs on the practise roster:

Sam Ojuri 6.0 in 202 lbs Import

Delone Carter 5.9 in 232 lbs Import

Bo Palmer 5.9 in 190 lbs Canadian

If Madu can't go on Friday night two of three should be on the game day rooster. Then again Austin likes to play with fire nd only dress one running back. I like Austin, he has a lot of great qualities, however his weak point is not respecting or honouring the importance of a sustained running game.

If only league rules allowed a team to employ a full-time General Manager instead of forcing the Head Coach to try to do two full-time jobs at once...

The same personnel guys that brought in

What are you talking about? The majority of the other teams have full-time GMs, but KA wanted full control of football operations in Hamilton or he would not have come here.

Someone's sarcasm detector is broken...

OK, you got me...

I may be wrong in my observation, but Toronto ran a lot less in the second half of the game. In fact, at one point, I wondered where their running game went.

There is only one stadium in the east with a roof, if we should be hit with bad weather in the last few weeks, that part of the offense may become even more necessary.

I was watching a college game yesterday, Notre Dame, I think. One of the commentators was Doug Flutie, and he pointed out on more than one occasion the importance of the running game; to setup the pass and to keep the front seven honest.

I am concerned about our lack of emphasis on this aspect of the offense and, worse, not having someone to execute it.

To be fair…"personnel" guys didn't neccessarily bring these guys in…they were in the league signed by other teams and came here. Didn't really take rocket science to bring in those guys. I think what is being referred to by the OP is the scouting staff, particularily in the U.S., looking for RB talent.


They have a 4 down system ......

Did anyone watch the Als and Riders game yesterday? I like that Anthony Allen as running combined with Jerome Messam. That's what I call a running game. Unfortunately the Riders do not have anyone who can pass.