You know...

I read mostly the Bomber board and the CFL board. Very seldom do I venture onto any other team's forum, so I have no idea what goes on there. I could understand if Sask. fans came on our site and wanted to trash talk, because we are rivals from a long time ago. What I don't understand is the constant barrage of drivel from only a few Ham. fans. In the last few years it seems to have increased. Are these posters on every other teams forums or do they just attack here? There is the odd Argo nut,I don't see any BC, Cal,Edm,Sask or Mont. fans doing this. Are the Ham. guys jealous? Is there something in the water? Maybe they're ticked that we tried to tell them about Kevin Glenn and they wouldn't listen and had to learn the hard way. I don't know,,,

I look at every teams forums, even if it's just scan reading; atleast I like to be up-to date/in the know for the most part. Esks forum doesn't get any unusual posts; I don't/wouldn't mind the odd one however, as there is truth in it to ponder.

We definitely get more good TiCat posters than bad in here. Even the bad ones aren't as bad as they seem, you just have try a little harder, why else would they be in here if they didn't want to discuss something?

For sure Pigseye, I'm just commenting on the inordinate amount compared to other teams fans..... I enjoy reading some of them if they are not too immature. And Backer, I have scanned other teams forums, it's their inner sanctum and I respect that and very seldom comment. If I do comment, it's never to slag their team.

Dan you're a true gentleman !


When we were in the West, they hated us, now were in the East and they hate us, our only hope is a Central Division all to ourselves.

Wow, we'd end up in 1st place every year and never miss the playoffs!.... Jack, you're making me blush.

Yeah, last season the whole Swaggerville thing I think rubbed a lot of Ti-Cat fans the wrong way. I can’t remember who fired the first salvo, but it might have been some bomber fans came into the Ti-Cat forum and started gloating about the Jets and how “They taught us on how to get an NHL team” that I think started that whole thing. Then again, it wouldn’t have shocked me if some Ti-Cat fans did the same thing during the Balsille bid.

In any case, the Ti-Cat forum has the epic stadium thread that we always like seeing get extended and dragged out for as long as possible. If you want to comment on the experience that your new stadium has brough (specifically the delays and how we are probably going to suffer the exact same problem at the new IWS) that would be the place for it.

BINGO !! You win the prize Hammer ! Johnny ! Whats behind door # 3 ? Well, Hammer you win an all expense paid trip to the Peg, that right Winnipeg !! Where you and your guest well be treated with that Peg Hospitality !!

I think I get it. Nobody knows who started it, nobody knows why......... if it's fun,run with it. That's OK, I still like Hamilton. IWS is one of the best places to see a game. I hope you guys get an NHL team.Most importantly, we both don't like the Argos.

You hit the nail on the head there Dan.

....Why the hell are you still here :thdn: ...I'm not going to be as nice as Dan with regard to your presence , so i'll reiterate what pigseye has told you, politley to shove-off...orrrr a word i would like to use instead of shove but won't go that far.....At least hammer knows how to conduct himself in another teams forum....You;re nothing but a troll so take a hike.....Ahhhhhhh that feels better :slight_smile:

lol, let’s use this as the venting thread (okay Dan?), we can get all our frustrations over eachother out in here, everyone will feel better for it.

Thanks Pigseye, I feel all warm and fuzzy already. :smiley: :smiley:

Ya, I don't get the Hamilton hate for all thing Winnipeg either. I mean some of their posters recently have given me a bad taste for their fans, but in general I could care less about the team. It's kinda like your younger brother - he might be a bit yappy, but you don't really take him seriously :stuck_out_tongue:
It goes back quite a few years though, and even gets political.

The Bomber forum has been trolled by fans from other teams long before the Swaggerville thing. It was incredibly bad in here in 2009 before Pigseye was named a mod because the Bomber mod before him was MIA and none of the other mods came in here to keep an eye on things unless it got really out of hand.

And you obviously didn't see the posts by a Ticats fan who rather rudely stated a number of times how Winnipeg would never get an NHL team. Those posts continued right up to the day of the announcement iirc.

Perhaps ticat fans are bitter, i mean, truthfully lets look at this...

RE:NHL.that dude from blackberry tried to buy the coyotes years back and move them to hamilton, ticket drive and everything, NHL said, not gonna happen, you play by our rules. Ballsilly has now been basicaly, well, it hasnt been a good few years for RIM has it? all that happened there was he got blackballed and in the process, so did the city of Hamilton, who never, in recent memory was even considered for relocation of an NHL team. Southern Ontario or not, you want a team, you follow their rules..Hey, winnipeg did and we got a team back, Chipman brought in the moose and showed the NHL that hey look,8500 at an AHL game, these people care and want their team back. Eventually it happend as Chipman played by their rules, not to mention the fact that well, he never tried to do anything underhanded or anything that would get him and winnipeg blackballed by the league. Hamilton did. Winnipeg was also always in consideration for relocation of a team, Hamilton really wasnt.

RE:CFL. I think its a simple case of jealousy to be honest. For years, man, years.. my god.. years now, hamilton has been portrayed and hyped as the next best thing in the east.. The new beasts of the east.. It's their year every year to take down the big bad alouettes.. Last year, they did take them out but these guys from the 204 got in their way and said, hey not so fast. Dont count us out. Once again 2012, its the ticats year.. guess we'll see what happens. Wouldnt it be funny tho, i mean i'd get a kick out of it, wouldnt it be something if the year hamilton does take home the grey cup is 2013, the year they dont play in hamilton?

yes and that is what is great about the internet and "opinions", we can get people riled up we can argue. If you are going to stay on your own site and just want to read positive things about your own team that's fine but it would be pretty boring. It's great to hear other opinions, negative things and see the other side of things.
Bring on the "drivel" and "attacks" it's what makes these boards interesting and fun.

Do I detect a little jealousy here? sounds like you are very worried about the Ticats and Argos this year.

....Look mikem....I have no problem with guys from other sites coming on OURS and having and making intelligent posts...It's the direct insults and derogatory commentary i have a problem with....The cats site won't stand for it and jump on any slight by a non-cat supporter over there, as a guy being a troll....Well the knife cuts both ways...You either respect our turf on this board or hit the road...I'm not saying you are guilty of any disparaging remarks regarding the Bombers,fans or the city but it has happened here ..It will be dealt with...As far as the argos and the cats being a threat this year...I think there will be improvement by those clubs....Should the Bombers worry?....I'll tell you after we tangle and the real bullets are flying :wink: