You know your are out of the loop when

yourecognize less than 1 in 10 of the people and shows up for emmy awards.

Huh?! What are the Emmy Awards? Is that a new name for the Schenley Awards?


When you find any given alternative, so long as it’s not using the phone, rather than downloading yet another buggy and tricky app that makes the same task harder than the website.

Also new website? To heck with you if I have to sign up all over again.

On new phones I no longer set up voicemail so that I am deliberately out of that loop. Text or email or get lost for all I care any more.

Award shows blah .

Back slapping each other telling each other they are good people and actors know more than anyone else tell you how to live your life and tell you who to vote for drives me crazy .

Ricky Gervais hosting the golden globes if you need a laugh some time .

I never waste my time watching award shows. What a joke.

I used to like watching the emmys back in the 80’s and 90’s when I knew most of the nominated and winners. Now, I just read articles about who was nominated and who won. This year I felt like I was reading a foreign language.

Somehow professional entertainers these days think that the general public can benefit from their political perspective. Yeah, sure. The neighbour’s dog would be equally insightful in that regard.


Love it!

Doesn’t that fellow drink some wussy brand of beer though?


What’s wrong with Dos Equis? It’s not a great beer, but no different than any other mass market product.

Well that’s just it. Also doesn’t Mexico have a reputation for producing smooth, easy drinking brews as opposed to full-bodied ones?


I just don’t understand what makes it (in your words) wussy.

It’s a beer. Not much different than Canadian, Blue, etc.

My personal preference is for Belgian wheat beers. . . Shocktop, Hoegaarden, or Belgian Moon (but not Stella).

Are not Canadian and Blue still more full-bodied (with a greater bitterness quotient) than Mexican beers?

My father and all the older fellows at the Labatt’s plant in London drank IPA and not Blue or even 50 Ale:

So full bodied and out of step with today’s mainstream preferences that Labatt stopped making it 25 years ago.

Here’s the very cool way one Australian brewery puts the matter:

Yeah and at least a good neighbour’s dog poops only on his own lawn!

The amber is legitimate. The other one is shoddy.