You know your a Cats fan when!

When you have had 2 breakups dew to doing everything in your power to watch be at or listen to the game!
When you see somebody Else with with anything Cats related you blurt out Oskie wee wee!
When your in Toronto, all you can think is ARGO'S SUCK!

Thats all I have for now, Defiantly going to add more! you guys should add some! make for a few good laughs! I bet alot of you have verry good ones as well! :rockin:

How about the old stand by "the Argos are over the cap" :lol:

Jake Ireland hates Hamilton. :lol:

TSN is bias against Hamilton. :smiley:

Sportsnet is definetly bias against Hamilton when it comes to Toronto.
The intro to sportnet connected used to feature a flash of Ivor Wynne stadium now it's been replaced by BMO Field. If that's not bias I don't know what is.

You know you’re a Cats fan when you can’t use proper spelling/grammar. You are a great example of it sir.

  1. "Cats" should be capitalized.
  2. There should be a comma placed between "it" and "sir."

Otherwise, it was a nice try. :wink:

Ah, but I did capitalize the C shortly after (before your correction actually) and the comma is debatable.

As debatable as the idea of an Argo fan in Hamilton.

If a Ti-Cat season ticket holder can live in Scarborough, I'm sure there's probably some braindead person who's an Argo fan in Hamilton. :lol:

You know you are a Ticats fan when the first three things in your closet are; Black Jersey, White Jersey, Gold Jersey.

When you've stayed with the team through the bad times and never left the team when others said you should have.

when you go to a school wearing a black polo shirt with a tiger cat logo at the top left corner of the shirt and the person thats deciding whether you get into that school or not sees you and there a hardcore ARGO fan...LMAO..that actually happened to me last week in was hilarious.. lmao

You know your a cats fan when you start cheering for arland bruce :rockin:

You know you are an Argo fan when you troll the Tiger Cats forums!

A few weeks ago we were walking through the lobby of the Best Western in Chesterton Indiana and a lady said "Oske Wee Wee". I was wearing a black Ticats golf shirt.

It turns out her husband (From Illinois) had been transfered to Hamilton for a couple of years, some 20 years ago and they had attended Ticat Games.

On the same trip, we are sitting on a pub deck overlooking the Mississippi river in Guttenburg Iowa, sipping a cold one and a guy walks over, noticing my Ticats hat and asked if I was from Hamilton. A friend of his had played a year or two for the Ticats in the late 70's or early 80's. He had gone and watched a couple of games in Hamilton and even went up for one in Winnipeg. He said he loved our game and was really impressed with our stadium. I can't remember the guys name now but he said he had played for Iowa State.

It's absolutely amassing how our team's name is so well recognized. My Ticat gear has been acknowledged in Georgia, Florida etc. and we have made some new friends as a result of wearing it. :thup:

Thats cool!
They say that there is millions of cfl fans in the u.s.a,I guess all the americans that play up here family and friends?

And you know you're in when 0-100 post usernames come out of nowhere to help keep lame threads alive. :roll:

A lot of the US football media and blogosphere are readily dismissive of the CFL, but there definitely is a following for it in the States due to families of players watching, pockets of fandom such as ex-Baltimore Stallions fans, and advocates of the game (like Doug Flutie, Warren Moon, Chris Berman, and Mike Mayock) leading the charge. The game has its proponents because it is wide-open and at its best can surpass NFL fare in terms of entertainment value. That fanbase IS in the millions from what ratings data can surmise.

Oski Wee Wee,


Kind of like you just did?
And I guess I just did to lol

bump This happened a bit ago! but! you know your a Ticat fan when: at every family gathering you chant the good Ole Oskie wee wee! Funny story! My Uncle was having a 50th birthday party thrown for him in Niagara! In the middle of the Restaurant A good chunk of my family started Chanting OSKIEE wee wee after he received a Jersey and Season tickets! Heh!
It was the same day as the Gold medal game so after Canada won Gold he ran around the streets with his NEW Ticats Jersey on and a big Canadian Flag screaming oskie wee wee!
You know your a TiCats fan WHEN: You rock your Hitchcock Jersey in Down town

You know your COOL when: You cheer for the rival team of the city you live in!

Heh! Hey! I have a low post count,thats because half the time its just ATK arguing with everybody, And I usually try to only post if I have something valuable to say or a Question to ask! No Disrespect to ATK :slight_smile: And I do not find this thread lame, iv seen ALOT worse!

When you criticize people's grammar on an Internet message board. Oh wait, that's how you know you're an Agro fan.

When you go to Ottawa, see a stranger at Parliament wearing a Tabbies t-shirt and yell "OSKEE WEE WEE" at him.

When the first thing you ask on a date is, "Are you an Argos fan?"

When you tell your brother, "I won't be there if it's Labour Day" when he's talking about the birth of his first child. Hopefully she delivers early.

When you spend a Saturday morning watching the recap videos of the 2009 season on in March. :oops: