You know what's really dumb?

I can't stand how you're expected to buy a membership to the Rider's website. That is the absolute dumbest thing I've ever heard. Just thought I'd vent that.


Yeah, you can't look at half the stuff on their without buying a $48.00 membership! The site is probably the worst team site in the CFL and you STILL have to pay. That's not right, c'mon Rider Executive fix that up.

don't tell the kids on about this or they'll jump down your they did when I mentioned that. The only team that charges for routine website features. What they should charge for on the site is radio/TV broadcasts of games.

I don't see why it would be necessary to charge for anything on the website. Do other teams charge?

They're trying to promote their football team - maintaining a website is not overly costly.

Sometimes I just shake my head at these guys.

I am personally not a member of Riderville, but I have known other people who have had memberships. I think if you were to ask any hardcore Rider fan, they would say that the fee is worth it, as you get access to in-depth reports, live chats with players & coaches, etc. The Riders are a community team which relies on the public to a large degree for financial support. With this website format, the I believe Riders are trying to give fans something in return for their contributions instead of just asking for people's charity.

I just checked out the website, and I didn't think it was too bad. It seems like all the basic stuff is accessible to the general public, and it's only the "extras", like chatting with players, etc. that is covered by the membership. I'll have to keep an eye on it through the season to see if I'm still okay with it.
I did have a couple of questions, though. I've only got access to dial-up internet (sigh) which makes life a pain. I noticed on the Riders site that there is a link to listen to the radio broadcasts. Does this work over dial-up, or do you need a high speed connection. Also, is this a free service, or do you have to become a member to access the broadcast?
Thanks for any help I can get!

Does anybody know if there is a free trial. For $48 I'd like to be able to assess whether it's worth it to me.

Don’t think their is a free trial, but the best way to look at it is a donation to the Riders. I buy a membership every year, but more to suppor the Riders than get onto the site. If you don’t feel like supporting them with a ‘donation’, the site is not really worth the $48.

I think that with season ticket purchases you should get a free membership to the website because come on season tickets are pricey enough this year with the new stadium renovation costs being tagged on plus we buy 7 season tickets every year that is costly the least they could do is throw in a free membership with that.

Sucker born everyday!

Exactly. Just look at your name. You've proven your own theory. :lol:

The link for the game broadcasts is to CKRM which anyone can do by going directly to their site.

Access to certain parts of Riderville is restricted to FAN CLUB MEMBERS! As a Fan Club member you get a number of benefits including a team fact book, membership stickers, game voucher AND access to special sections of Still can not understand why a few people are upset with fan club members getting special privilages?! Do not other teams give special privilages to their fan clubs? Why are not people complaining that they do not get free copies of the Rider Fact book? Out of curiousity do other teams give free fan club memberships to their season ticket holders?

I like that I can talk to players and coaches online, participate in special auctions, etc. I seriously doubt that many of the players and coaches would want to participate in a free for all forum.

I am a season ticket holder that is happy to pay for a fan club membership.

I'd still like to have the opportunity for a free trial for a day or two in the pay part of the site in order to decide if I want to purchase a membership. I am not the least bit interested in the other things one gets with a membership, and I suspect others feel the same.
Having said this, i find that I am impressed with the improvements in the free part of the Rider site, especially the super game day notes. So I guess I'll stick with that unless and until I have a chance to take a look at the pay portion on trial.
Cheers. :mrgreen:

Pool money, everyone put in a buck, then one membership will be bought. Make the username and password public (amongst the people who threw in money, at least).


I posted about this too. :oops: sorry I did not see yours.

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I joined the t-cats site cause it will webcast the game next and it is free. I get to pick a Rider Helmet for my avatar to boot.