"You know what i don't understand...."

Just like the old 60 minutes. Anyways...

Ok so here we are in Canada. A country that is about 5-10 million people larger than Australia.

Have you seen the attendance figures for AFL down there? I guess it is there only league, but there record attendance for a game in 1970 is 121,000.

They have on average an attendance figure of about 35,000 people a game.

Not only that how about this, in a country thats smaller than canada averaging 35,000 a game with SIXTEEN TEAMS, thats right i said 16!!!!

Now if Australia has 16 teams (mind boggling) then if Canada were to go all out in support for the game we should easily be able to have 20-25 teams. How about that eh?

Then again, we are a hockey country with over 60 juniour hockey teams and 6 NHL teams, but then again look at our attendance. Its piddly compared to Aussie Football and we're the bigger country.

You might be wondering what my point is?

Well if Aussie Football isn't considered the best football in a smaller country and they draw that many people, why can't we do the same or better with a minimum of 16 teams in a league that is very close/if not the best football, i mean even if some people don't think so and it comes close to it (NFL) you'd think they'd show up a lot more wouldn't you think?

I guess i'm just a dreamer, but man i love Canada and whether you love NFL or think its better or not or whatever, the fact is we do have our own Football game like Australia and USA, ours is the oldest, plus it lets us watch our best Canadians in football and keep it within our own country to play teams like having a possible a Saskatchewan vs Toronto final, and if you watched the games today, it's damn good football whether its the best or not. This thing i think we'd miss if there was no CFL. I think this is something TO fans might realize if they ever lose the Argos which i believe should be protected like a hawk for our heritage as its been around since the beginning of Canada almost.

I mean honestly we can't be THAT into hockey (looking at attendance figures, comparing to Aussie sports) that we can't support this league to a much larger extent.

think about this NFL Canada non CFL supporters, if we were to support this league like crazy only great things would definitly happen:

Player salaries and salary cap goes up to pay our players better and bring them from other leagues.

More teams, more of the country involved. This is a canadian league and we need to pull everyone together in this country, coast to coast. Something we've never had.

Its highly illogical that we haven't been able to succesfully crack 9 teams as it seemed all growth just halted. This was the mistake of bringing in the Americans teams, we should've expanded within Canada, and things might be lookin a lot better right now.

I just thought i'd bring up a few thoughts of mine. Its a lil long winded but i think you get the point.

We shouldn't just expand for 10 teams in 08 (which should be the minimum) but expanding to 11 or 12 should be the way to go, but i would leave it to no more than 2 expansion teams a year.

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Doesn't the AFL have 11 teams in just one city? (Melbourne) And thats a city of about 4 million people, I think. Aussies are just nuts about sports.

our population is spread out over a much larger area.

Exactly. Australia's population, although smaller than Canada's, is concentrated along the coastline. And not all of the coast, just parts of it. It's easy for thousands of fans to attend local games because they don't have to travel that far.

Let me state the obvious--Australia doesnt have a superpower neighbour either, so it doesnt have any outside influences on how well the AFL games are attended. I wonder just how big an NFL game would go over in Sydney or Melbourne.

but technically it should be possible for Canada to have that many teams right?

I mean if we're truly Canadians we should really be bouncin this product.

Not only that, they have a 15 team Rugby League as well that isn't AFL.

yes, we maybe the bigger country by even as many as 15 million... That doesnt mean that its as DENSE as it is in austrailia!

Look at the population of canada... 90% + of it is at the 52 parrallel or LOWER... stretched across.. what.. 5500 KMS? ... thats not that densely populated... Look at australia with 60% of ther populus on the coast of the provinces new south whales and victoria.

Not just that BUT, here in Canada I believe there to be much more variety of events, venus and of course.. Our neighbours to the south...