You know what bugs me about the favouritism of Saskatchewan?

I have no problem with the Sask fans supporting their team. All the power to them. What I do have a problem with is the CFL and TSN jumping on the Rider bandwagon. The players awards are supposed to be a showcase of ALL of the CFL, not just Rider nation. Also, TSN's pregame lead up was disgusting in their biased towards the Riders. There was no mention of the Cats being the hottest team leading up to the Grey Cup or that they had any chance of winning, only how it was a David and Goliath game. Not sure why TSN even broadcast the game since according to them it was a coronation. At one point Darrin Dytyshin was wearing a Rider scarf and Jennifer Hedger said she could not find a Ticat scarf to make it even. If that was the case, Darrin should not have donned his at all. I guess TSN thought that was OK since Riders did not have any green support in the stands. Rider nation is already strong, how about TSN and the CFL throwing a few bones to the rest of us. That may even get a few extra fans from the rest of the country. Also, Glen Suiter has got to go.

Wow,after a great weekend in Regina, shared with a lot of fun Tiger-Cat fans, I was left with the impression that Ti-Cat fans were a fun, knowledgeable, classy bunch. After reading through this thread I have to say I see nothing but petty, whiny nonsense. Give your heads a shake.

Yeah, that's all too common around here :frowning:

So if you were at the game you probably didn't watch too much of TSN. Having said that, after reading my earlier comment, do you think they were right in apologizing to an entire province before suggesting that anyone other than the local team could win? Is it whiny to be upset by that? If the shoe was on the other foot - the game in Hamilton, overwhelming numbers of Ticat fans, Gang Green as the opponents and TSN apologized to the city of Hamilton for suggesting that Gang Green might actually win would you feel the same way? Your honest answer would be appreciated.

I tend to agree with you BCRiderFan. The same sort of comments here were being said during the pregame show on the game day thread here and at that time i commented with something like 'I must be watching a different pre-game show than all of you.'

And even after I posted that there was about a lengthy stretch that was almost all Cats stuff including highlights of the Cats making it to the Cup, a piece on CJ Gable and then the great interview with Ti-Cats fan Martin Short and Tom Hanks including them teasing the Rider fans around them with Oskee Wee chants and they showed them again with Pigskin Pete. After all that TSN came back from a commercial with a feature that was green themed and almost immediately the 'I'm sick of this one-sided' stuff started all over again on the thread - as if they somehow must have missed what just took place before that.

I think many are not distinguishing between pieces about the host city and Grey Cup festival from stuff about the team. They lumped it all in saying it was all Riders stuff. Had Calgary made the Grey Cup about half the stories we saw in the pre-game show would have been exactly the same! Stories about Taylor Field, the great parties, how the entire province was involved and proud of hosting the cup - the success of the Riders franchise and Rider nation and how they dominate sales of teams stuff selling something like 3/4 of all league stuff sold. All that is a fantastic positive news story for the league and it would have been covered extensively even if the Riders had not been in the final.

If you visited this board during any Ti-Cats game it is always the exact same thing. Whoever is announcing the game for TSN is ALWAYS accused of saying nothing good about the TiCats and being in love with numerous players on the other team. On a couple of occasions I've actually just quickly ticked off check marks under Cats or the other team whenever something positive was said about a play or player and usually the checks come out about even. Then I read the game day thread here and you would swear the announcers had not said a good thing about any Cats player the entire game.

So please don't think all Cats fans are whiners - we're not.

That is too funny :lol:

@BCRiderFan just to clear up any misconceptions you may or may not have, I created this there in regard to the media and their blatant bias of what is neutral game that is viewed country wide. I have nothing against Rider fans. As Mike pointed out, you didn't get to watch TSN's coverage, which I thought was garbage.

"Neutral game" ?

That will probably go down as the furthest thing from a neutral game in Grey Cup history.

How could it have been anything else?

The Riders playing in Rider nation at the peak of their popularity.

They were the team of destiny

I’ve agreed with you in the past on many topics but you’re way out to lunch on this one. The show started about 1pm and the 3 segments that you mentioned came several hours after the pre-game show started. By that time the green on the screen was positively nauseating. There was maybe one or two more interesting features such as the one about Delvin Breaux but overall the Cats were grossly ignored. I re-watched it again on the PVR and AT LEAST 80% of it is about the Riders. I’d tally up the exact total minutes for you but watching that crap again would be excruciating. They also had a Grey Cup Saturday coverage for 3 hours with Darren Dutyschyn and that broadcast was a complete joke. I’m convinced he wasn’t even sure who the other team was that the Riders were playing.

I’ve defended TSN many times in the past but not after this debacle.

I agree with your comments, however I find TSN's journalistic impartiality was greatly compromised. I would'nt have expected equal coverage, under the circumstances, but the scales were balanced way out of wack. :roll:

Even Ted Micheals on the 5th quarter was bitching about Darren Dutchyshen/TSN favoritism towards the Riders in the TSN pregame calling TSN's Grey Cup pregame show "nauseating"


I agree. Which is why I think the media's coverage, the TSN pregame in particular, was so disgusting. Heaven forbid Hamilton might have won that game.

I didn't watch the Saturday stuff - so I can't comment on that but I have just fast forwarded through the entire pre-game show on my PVR. Now I didn't stop to listen to each individual comments when the panel was talking but just counting what the general topic of a video report, segment or interview was about and almost half of it I would identify as being general league, host city/Grey Cup festival stuff - that yes all had a very green look to it because every party, every event everybody was decked out in Green. Talk of Taylor Field - they weren't talking about that because the Riders were playing in the game but because it was hosting its last Grey Cup game. And as I said before all or almost all those same discussions and reports would have been in the pre-game show even if the Riders were not in the game. You guys are all lumping that in as pro-Riders bias and I think that is kind of petty and silly.

Of the other 50% - 55% - yes there was more on the Riders than Cats but not nearly as one-sided as a lot of you portray here My best guess having just finishing fast forwarding through the pre-game show:

  • 45% - 50$ - general festival/party/ host city/Grey Cup festival and overall league stuff
  • 30% - 35% Riders stuff
  • 20% or so Ti-Cats stuff.

Did you include the Player of the Year awards show, which was almost all Rider centric?

It's a good thing the Argos didn't make it, I don't think TSN has enough lips to kiss both teams butts.