You know we aren't going to go undeafeated

We are going to have horrible games, we just have to rebound from them. It can take a long time for a Q.B. and receiver to be on the same page. It's a long season. we are going to shi t the bed a few times. Famous quotes from the leader of the squad. Why would anyone be surprised by the outcome of the last couple games with this mindframe. One small request. Let us know when you are going to do these things ahead of time so I can save the Calgary-Regina flight and give away my ticket to some other fool willing to forgo their 2 days to watch this effort. If my employees even muttered these thoughts they would be long gone and most people in their positions would experience the same fate. Imagine going to an interview and saying, "well there will be about half the days when I won't be at my best, but come on, I still deserve the sales job because I once sold something and everything went down smoothly. As you may have noticed I'm pissed at the amount of time and effort I put into being at the games and have these after game comments coming out of their mouths. Won't be back and the seat will sit empty for the rest of the year, so if they ever announce another "attendance" sellout, I call bullsht and they will be explaining how they have given my paid seat away without my permission. Hopefully I can get reimbursed for the ticket as a from of hush money. :wink: And by the way, how long has it taken Willy or Levi Mitchell to be on the same page as their receivers????

16-2 baby!


11-9. West will be tough to get wins.

Yea, apparently they’ll need 2 extra games to do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops, :oops: 11-7. Though now that I think about it they may go 10-8 and that might not cut it to make playoffs.

There WILL be a x-over.

But ya gotta be 4th to get it. :s

9 and 9 might be more realistic. Need to rely on dominating the east teams for sure.

Good luck with that.
2014 Roughriders are the mirror image of the 2013 Blue Bombers.

Hardly true the Riders have a starting quarter back they also have a solid offensive line. Winnipeg had neither of those. Frankly I'm surprised you have the nerve to show up here after how you conducted yourself the last time. If your attitude hasn't changed please do be a stranger around here.

No, the Riders beat Hamilton easy. The 2013 Bombers got embarrassed by Hamilton 4 times.

Sounds to me as if you are trolling. Moderators, please ban this person.

If that's all it takes to hurt your feelings then by all means keep hiding behind your keyboard.

Sounds to me like you have hurt feelings. Just sayin'....

madden was an idiot commentator on the NFL and looks like he is here now on the cfl!!

To quote him "if a face could talk". Classic. Idiot.