You know things are bad when....

The opposition DB's are seen practicing their endzone dance!

The second digit under "Home" on the scoreboard is burnt out, and no one notices!

Feel free to add your own.

...when people start making "you know things are bad when" jokes.

when i've been scoring more lately than the Ti-cats :cowboy:

When you wish for the old days when Grocery stores used paper bags :oops:


when your starting QB has more picks than a mining company

When the scores are higher in the World Cup of soccer :stuck_out_tongue:

When the NFL scores are higher then ours too :stuck_out_tongue:

Things are really bad when the seagulls are flying in and looking for food at IWS before the game even starts. :stuck_out_tongue:

....Argo fans sympathize with you begin to wonder if Lancaster can still suit up and play consider an offensive TD a huge improvement hope no one you know sees you at the game know the game is lost and it's only 5 minutes in realize that the only real football being played in Hamilton is at Mac. wished the CFL had a mercy rule--the game is called when a team goes up by 25 points or more. realize that the tv telecast you're watching of the TiCats is in real time when you thought it was in slo-mo.

An Argo fan

Hey Barney, not only did you steal mine with your first one, you took all the good ones remaining!

Yes, you know things are bad when the blue team fans feel sorry for you.

Ok, here's a shot:

You know things are bad when one tight spiral from your QB gets you excited.

You know things are bad when you hope we don't get shut-out again.

And finally, you know things are bad when you'd take a loss, if we'd only score a touchdown. A touchdown! Please God, let them score a touchdown!

I think it'd excite Maas as well. Hell, who are we kidding here? I'm not even sure he'd recognize a tight spiral at this point.

An Argo fan

You know things are bad when the local newspaper has been running a "who will break the touchdown drought?" contest -- for the last 4 weeks!

Yup,things are real bad when family offers to take you to the Cats-Lions game in Oct. for your birthday and,and ,and you're not sure if you can face the music,especially with Lions fans all around.My one big chance to see the boys play this year and,well it's just really tough.Ha Ha just kidding Ti-Cats Eat 'em Raw

You know things are bad when, in the dying seconds of the game, we kick for a safety and double our score.

You know things are bad when:

-When the halftime show at IWS is more exciting than the game.

-When the team offers prizes for the last 10,000 fans to leave the game

  • When fans come for the tailgate party and then leave(actually true)

-When you have a thread like this one with all these great replies!

...after watching every game of the season you finally forget to watch one, and your reaction is, 'meh' (while shrugging your shoulders).

In some ways, it was a sad day for me.

You know things are bad when...

Value Village carrys higher quality receivers than we do.

You know things are bad when

  • the Spec is going through their archives to find out when the last TD was scored at home
  • the punter is the top scorer on the team
  • a soccer game at IWS with 5,000 fans generates more excitement than a Ticat game with 29,000
  • all the other teams in the CFL have a guarantee win night when the Ticats come to town

…when you pray for death so the pain stops…oh wait we were talking about football right?? :smiley:

When you give up-coming game tickets to a local youth organization and they return them by mail two days later! They have enclosed 4 more tickets than you gave them.

You know things are bad when: the Cats have allready picked there fist round draft pick for 2007 before even playing the labour Day game :cry: :cry: