You know the weirdest thing is...

....Kelly's probably a really nice guy. Every interview I see of him, he comes across as very easy to like. He speaks well. He seems intelligent. People have called him an idiot - I'd say he's not.

He is stubborn, and that's got him into some troubles, and, despite his self-characterization of a "black and white" guy, I think in addition to stubborness, indecision, or a lack of a definitive decision, have been the causes of most of his troubles. I said a long time ago, he probably could be a fine head coach, if he survives long enough to learn anything. But a coach AND gm AND offensive coordinator AND qb coach.....clearly that's too much. He needs some expertise in some areas, and the best leaders are often that because they surround themselves with good people, who possess the strengths they lack. Kelly has chosen to be self-reliant, to his (and the team's) detriment. Get some experts to serve in some of these roles, and he can be the "coach", which he seems to want to be.

My position on what he's done remains unchanged. And, my vitriol is on here as part of the Permanent Record, for good or ill. But my position on him as a man does not accord with my position on many of his football decisions. That's maybe a part of the incongruity we see where some players genuinely seem to like him, and Dunigan says he'll go to war for him, yet every week there's another headslapper coming out of Bomber camp. If I got to spend an hour with anyone in the CFL right now, he'd be either #1 or #2.

The weirdest thing indeed.

agreed that he’s stubborn. He wants this offence to work his way and with all the changes he’s showing that he believes the system will work and will just keep changing the personnel until it works or he’s no longer the coach. I will say he has shown some flexibility as of late with the OC job being shifted away from him and adding some shot gun formations and supposedly we will see more 5 receiver sets, but then again that could not be his idea and mandated from above. I’m not sure if its his stubbornness or super belief in himself or financial considerations/constraints that led to him taking on HC, OC, and QB coaching duties, but if that was his decision to do that I think the fault lies with Lyle Bauer on that one. Any good GM should realize that a rookie head coach should not take on that much responsibility and should be surrounded with good assistants to help them out. They did that on the defensive side of the ball and the D is our best unit. They did that with special teams and though we lack a returner i would say the special teams overall is improved. They just didn’t do that on the offensive side and it shows.

I would also agree he’s not an idiot but as far as speaking well, I think he speaks quite plainly and not well thought out which in some cases is good but has lead him to say some foolish things. For instance giving rival GMs the heads up that he would cut glenn if he couldn’t trade him, or publicly announcing he would violate the CBA rules by having roster QBs participate at player evaluation camps and letting everyone in on his pre training camp QB school.

Clearly the events of the season have wore on him, a 3-8 record with 3 lopsided losses will do that. A lot has happened since his mom came to Wpg for his first home game that he won vs Cal with the team putting up 42 pts (! I know, not a typo too, I’d take half that right about now) and fans were still hopeful with the team at 1-1. And as nice a guy as he may be, taking an offence that most people felt was 1 QB away from being one of the best in the league to the one of the worst in the league and stubbornly insisting it will work after 11 weeks destroys any visage of the nice guy for a die hard fan.

IIRC the thinking was that it didn’t violate the rules if the QBs wanted to do it. Some argued that the QBs would feel they didn’t have a choice and would be hurt if they said no but that’s speculation. I know Chris Schultz said he liked the idea of allowing QBs who were new to a team to participate in them. He said he thought it would help with the development of young QBs and allow new QBs to be more comfortable with CFL offenses and/or their new team’s offense so they would have a better chance in TC. IIRC he thought the CFL should consider allowing it.

Hm, you may be right. My recollection was they were fined for it. I think most people thought the idea was a good one, but that it still violated the CBA.

I had found a couple articles when I googled it but there was nothing said about a fine. They only said that the CFL told the Bombers it would violate the CBA so they couldn't do it.

Hey Arti? Good post! It looks like you have summed it up rather nicely.

Kelly's stubborness is his biggest enemy. I couldn't care less (actually I quite enjoy it) when he goes to war with the press, and I would think the press likes that as well. The big problem is he will not admit he has made some errors and when he got tired of defending those decisions, he cut off the phone lines. He's alienated too many fans ...