You Know riders....

...we took you to the last minute....good game greenies, go beat the Lions and win the GC!!!!!!....

Good on Saskatchewan they win one . Good on you guys.

this is the way it should be...the best 4 teams left standing.

good game by your team redandwhite they had me worried for a bit.

...well Mike, the R&W tried, at least it wasn't a blow shame in losing to a better team...Go Riders!!!....

Congrats to the Riders. Good game!

Good game riders. Don't tell anyone, but I will be putting on a green jersey during the western finals.

Your secret is safe with me.

That was a very tense last few minutes for this Rider fan. Good job on Calgary for hanging in there and making it a game.

Congrats to Saskatchewan. Went down to the wire. Looks like that KJ guy deserves that MOP after all. Smilin' Hanky, tough luck again!

Lions fans are waiting. You better bring it Green and White! :twisted:

How many riders fan are gonna come here me razz them at BC place? I was there last year and 2004, liked the amount of people that come definitely makes it interesting. Should sell out this time.

With the Als out, I am routing for the Riders for the cup.

Riders fully deserving of the game and will make for a good game next week in B.C.

How many Riders fans that show up in BC depends on if the welfare cheques make it out in time to book horse and buggy rides to Vancouver. it when people know nothing about another province and prove it with their idiotic statements...makes 'em look like complete tools...


hey servin nice of you to show up with your usual trolling.

I thought you started with another post where you said the riders would lose.....I guess maybe we all know who is the loser today.

You country bumpkins had your hoedown fun today nows its time to pack your gunny sacks and head out to the big city and get an ole fashion spanking. I'm not talking the Robson ave kind either.

Must say I have resecp for many of the Lions fans on this forum, but Swervy keep it up with the trash talking and you won;t be on these posts much longer. Remember RoarLionsRoar. He became extinct so can you. There isn't anyone who you have not offended in your short time on these forums.

I was scared at the end.