You know it's time to call it quits when...

"Rider coach Ken Miller just announced Rider receiver Matt Dominguez has a season-ending tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. The Riders learned from an M-R-I exam Tuesday night that it's a complete rupture."

Time to give it up, while you can still walk, MD...



That really sucks. :thdn:

...that is not good news..MD was a hell of a player, but you're right jm02, walking until your in your eighties or older is more important....get well soon Matt...

My thoughts exactly. Get better, MD.

What a shame it is when such a quality and class individual who has dedicated his life to football,be continually hammered by injuries and yet always stay so positive , motivated to rehab and all the while contribute to the Riders and our community.....There will never be another MD..........

It sucks when anyone has to stop doing something they love doing not because they want to but because their body just can't handle it. Get well Soon Matt, I appreciate all of your hard work.

Yeah, that must be frustrating Billy. Happens in a split second, but can cause a lifetime of pain.

Good luck in your recovery Matt.

Hey Matt,

We are going to miss you again. Your determination and skill are irreplacable. Keep up your spirits and heal well.

Well that's really tough news :frowning:

All the best MD, and get well soon.

That truly is a sad situation. But his knees can not sustain more then they have already. Great player I salute him for his great play and efforts over the seasons he has played.

Good luck MD in your recovery.

Its too bad a nice guy like Matt D has had such terrible luck with injuries-otherwise he probably could have had a HOF career. Get well soon, MD.

He’'l be back next season again, don’t worry. I think he should retire but he’ll be back again.

because thats why he clearly stated "if its anything serious, thats it unfortunatly" . He'd be crazy to come back... a past injury is a lot eaier to re-injure than it is to sustain a new injury... now this is the 2nd torn ACl in his knee in 10 months... all he'd have to do is walk the wrong way and he could be in a lot of pain im thinking. I just cant see how its possible for him to play again even if he wanted.

i KNEW tillman shoulda cut dominguez this past offseason, and used that money to keep KJ-4....

but things have worked out pretty well for teh riders thusfar.

Sad day in Riderville.

We have more than likely seen Matt D on the field as a player for the last time. Matt is a very outstanding man on and off the field, and its a not only a great loss to the Roughriders but a great loss to the community if he decides to leave Regina.

His was the first Roughriders Jersey that I owned and I remember how bad I felt for him last year not playing in the grey cup and I feel even worse for him now. He was one of the players that started to right the ship here in Sask and unfortunately his career has now been cut short from the looks of it

This year has been a costly one for receivers in the CFL. 2 of the top 5 receivers in the league will probably never play the game again.

In my thoughts and prayers Matt D, and Jason Tucker

I own a MD 88 jersey and i've never not been proud to wear it....not because he's an outstanding reciever but because he's an outstanding person. It's a sad day when u see a guy like him go down and for all intents and purposes should retire. Hope he stays on as a recievers coach and mentors the Bowmans, Fantuz's and Washingtons and show's them not only how to play on the field but who to conduct themselves off. Best wishes MD i'll miss ya and i'll still be wearing my black 88 in 50 years :smiley:

When I heard that Matt Went out of the game last weekend with a knee injury, I though that if it was a serious knee injury his football career may be done. Now it looks like that may be the case. Matt is a class act, well liked in the community, and from what I understand has a good career here in Regina in the off season.

Coaching may be his next challenge in football, look at Ritchie Hall. Of course this all depends on whether Matt feels his best option is to retire from football.

If Matt does decide to hang up the cleats because of this latest knee injury, I would like to say thanks for playing in green and white, Best of luck in your recovery.