You Know It's Depressing When....

we take time to point out the one touchdown we scored against sask., about a century ago.

what else?

Haha. Pretty much sums it up, eh? Paxil, anybody?

I buy a new Corey Holmes jersey for $150 and he will be gone next season.

I bought my boy a Maas jersey at the beginning of the year. What a mistake that was.

I feel bad for the kid with the maas jersey.

but at least he's a future fan.. that is, if there is a future, and he's not scarred for life by this season.

Next time buy One with his Name..
Your Fan you can't be Cut..
players can be.

I know it's depressing, when I don't have a life, if after a Cat beating I wake up in the morning depressed.
Fortunately that hasn't happened and won't happen as far as I can tell.

i have a life, but i dont have to work until 6 tonight... therefore, too much time to dwell on the loss....


actually, aside from the score i had a great time last night (i know, sounds stupid and a little to bob-young-ish but i can explain)

the tailgate party was great, met some people at the game, got on the freakin national after the game,

gotta say, it was a good time regardless of the pathetic offensive display on the field.

Me also Espo. Can't get the wife to a tailgate, she likes to just arrive about 10 minutes before the game, but the people around me are great and even had some "nice" Argo fans in front of us that we had a good chat with.

I can get the wife to a tailgate but not to a game. HMMMMMMMM.

That is why I always get my own name and number on any of my jerseys.

hehe, we had soem fun with some nice argo cheerleaders...

not as cool of a story as you'd think... lol although i did chase one around with my spare ticat jersey.

Fletch, the way these guys are playing, you could probably get a job on special teams at least and use your jersey.

An Argo fan

espo, earl- I think it's fab that you're enjoying yourself. I had fun too, even while being clobbered- maybe because at a certain point this season, all hope was lost.

yeah, that shouldn't be enlightening, but strangely it is.