You Know.... I didn't think I liked the CFL Overtime Rules but.....

Looks like the NFL refs are even worse than ours, if that’s even possible. Either that, or they’re biased. Don’t know how else to explain it. Blatant non-call on LA for DPI takes the cake.

You are right, missing this is just plain brutal terrible Officiating.

Spread was 3. Ball inside the 5 could have cost them the spread.

That explains it .

I actually dont mind the NFL rules, the Brady bunch had to make spectacular plays, Edlemans catches and the one to Gronk. They didnt easily get into the end zone. KCs defense just was not that good, NE got a few lucky plays, and ref assistance.

As far as the DPI penalty, we should not forget; we were the beneficiaries of such a call in 2013 against Als. That was the catalyst in bring DPI as video reviewable.

But I must say both games yesterday had higher entertainment value than the blowouts witnessed in 2018 CFL playoffs.
Tony Romo was incredible- what a smart smart football man.

Well at least the WWE admits that it’s fixed and outcomes are predetermined unlike the National Fixed League aka NFL where Money talks and BS walks . As for overtime in the NFL ? They might as well just have both teams pick out 10 players a piece and have a good old fashion Over the top rope Battle Royal at the 50 yd line to decide who wins the game . Last team with a player left in the ring gets the “W”

Oh ya, watching the ball sail out the back id the endzone, fair catch, pace of the game, run play after run play. People think the NFL is better because TV told them to have they opinion.

It’s funny how the NFL has followed the CFLs lead and become more of a passing game.

Nothing will ever be worse than that call against Dez Bryant in the cowboys vs packers game a few years ago

Thanks for posting that statement from Gayle Benson. It’s so well written.

Loved, and have shared with many, your WWE pic 'n post.

That was a bad call.

I remember way back slow , low scoring games here in the CFL and we evolved into a more exciting , fast , higher scoring games with lots of punting (most exciting part of the game). The NFL has always been far slower to go forward with improvements and hopefully will catch up to us someday. Still the worse is their kicking game or lack of…it’s called “football”…a strategy game of field position. It’s a joke in the NFL with getting the ball automatically without giving up some deteriorate at the 25 for an end-zone kick , or at least make them start at the 10…they have almost taken out the kicking game…they likely should just do away with the kick !!

The NFL should consider getting rid of kickoffs altogether. The rule change they made a few years ago to have the touchback go out to the 25 instead of the 20 on kickoff touchbacks was all about reducing the number of kickoff returns per game.

The reason - the incidence of serious injuries was higher on kickoff returns than any other play.

The NFL claims to have data saying kickoffs are more dangerous than other plays, and outside sources have also found[url=]the injury rate on kickoffs is much higher than the injury rate on any other type of play.[/url]There has also been a study that shows[url=]an abnormally high proportion of severe injuries to high school football players occur on kickoffs[/url]. Therefore, the league is trying to discourage teams from returning kickoffs.

Actually, that play was called perfectly. The rule in question was stupid (and i’m fairly certain has since changed)

Remember watching that with a Packers fan who was almost in tears over that call.

while he was freaking out, i told him “just wait, that’s not a catch. It should be, but its not.”

Interesting, I never knew that… but I think thr NFL has it backwards. Kick returns can be some of the higher excitement plays. Im sure there are other rules they could implement to make or safer instead of essentially eliminating kick returns all together.

Plus, there is always the possibility of the onside, or short yardage, kickoff.

They should consider eliminating the kickoff in overtime.
Give the ball to the winner of coin toss on their own 10 yard line. Makes it a little more fairer for the Defense.