You Know.... I didn't think I liked the CFL Overtime Rules but.....

The NFL’s are useless. Three or more key games in a couple of years decided like that. Oy…

Agree. You would think that, at least for playoffs, each team would get a possession. After that, they could go to their sudden death format. Pressures of TV schedules maybe are an influence?

I agree. The coin toss wins… ridiculous.

Pretty much !

(it’s actually even worse than ridiculous)

I don’t get it. If each team gets a possession and the score is still tied, the advantage still goes to the team that won the coin toss because they get the next possession. How does that solve anything?

Old enough to remember when soft defense, see saw, high scoring CFL was mocked as “basketball on turf”.
In the new NFL such games are now, “one for the ages”, “epic” and "unforgettable "…
By the same people…

I guess I’m thinking if the score is still tied, at least both teams have had their shot. You think Bellicheck (sp?) and Brady would have been happy to have Brady sitting out the OT?

I suppose the counter argument could be that the Rams stepped up and took the ball away from Brees, giving Goff his chance, which is what the Chiefs needed to do with the Pats. Ram’s fans no doubt happier than the Chief’s.

It’s the way the rules are written, but certainly not my preference, especially for a Super Bowl berth.

CFL rules >>>>>>>> NFL rules

and it proved it yesterday.

Furthermore, many CFL fans are critical of the CFL referees but watching yesterday’s games, we can’t be ashamed of our referees; Yes, there are improvements to be made, but yesterday’s no calls, particularly in the Saints and Rams game, are the main reason why the Rams are going to the Super Bowl and not the Saints. In the Chiefs and Patriots game, a few calls or non calls definitely helped the Patriots to win.

Mind you, I was cheering for the Rams and Patriots, but the results could have been different with good referees. I will cheer for the Patriots in the Super Bowl,but I think that the Rams will win.


So true.

They might as well do a shoot out… Longest field goal wins, or the QBs take turns throwing it from their own 20, with one receiver versus one defender, with new players each round, and whoever gets a TD first wins. Not much dumber than what they do now.

Yep. Just gonna come right out & say it. The NFL is bush…

54% of the time in the NFL the coin toss determines OT winner. Not as terrible as many would make it seem.

There were 2 OT games yesterday - coin toss only determined 1.

Issue I have with “Both teams must get the ball” is that it actually benefits the team that goes second. In the CFL you know you need a TD (if you need one) and get to use 3 downs all the way down the field.

One could argue it isn’t fair either.

For playoffs or championships I would much prefer 10 minute halves - played like the regulation time.

I agree, full 10 minutes overtime only thing that makes sense. System they have now is beyond stupid.

Fair catch is beyond stupid as well. Give a 5 yard hallow and catch the ball. Kick off should be moved back 15 yards. Nothing more laughable that watching a guy let the ball sail over his head and watch special teams run down the field for absolutely nothing. For a 8 billion dollar a year business the league is a joke. Lots of missed head shots and some fake roughing the passer. As much as I berate the CFL refs our system is much better.

If NFL extends challenges to DPI it will be because of the missed call on the Rams yesterday. People will feel it is just, and assume it will prevent missed calls on very blatant penalties. And then, if their system evolves the way ours has, they will soon find out that it becomes impossible to defend against the pass without exposing yourself to a penalty for even the slightest contact detected via super-slo-mo.

In the NFL the Head referee who would have seen the call from field level also looks at the video and has input into the call/non call

Oh there will be some rule changes in the NFL. In overtime, both teams should be guaranteed a possession, not the first touchdown wins . Yeah, I get that if the D intercepts and takes it to the house, the games over .

As for the Saint game with the 2 missed penalties, on the same play , the booth should be able to review the play . A blatant interference and helmet to helmet hit has to be called down from the booth.
Conditions in the dome were ideal, so the officials can’t say “I got snow in my eye!”

It is a pity that two good games were spoiled by officials and terrible rules .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Shes got more balls than most of the NFL owners put together 8)

Statement from Saints Owner Gayle Benson

Why not just play another full quarter? Isn’t that what the overtime rules used to be? These new OT rules make no sense whatsoever.