You have to wonder about The Spectator

Anyone see the report in the online Spec regarding Jesse's signing. Here it is.
"The new pact, which will see the former McMaster Marauder superstar complete the 2005 season with the 2-11 Tabbies as well as the 2006 campaign, was signed about 5:45 p.m. Lumsden, who turned 24 last month......"

Is not anyone at the Spec. proof reading stuff? Just thought it was funny...that's all.

More funny stuff. Apparently we have a new back up QB. His name, you ask? Why it's Ritchie Washington. Check it out.

Its hard to find good help these days.

Maybe they right these stories in the dead of night when they are half asleep.


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I haven’t bought the Spec since my bird died.

Not only did they mess up the name of our QB, but twice they mention that next year will be 2008. If you can't even get the year right, why should we listen to anything you say?

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Whoops again. Milton also said the team cut Jamal Powell this week. Just searched the "transactions" area for this week and surprise, nowhere is it mentioned. The team did cut Damion Cook though. Wonder if that's who he meant?

Could someone please translate the Spec for me, or must I arrange another seance with Ockham's budgie?

or maybe he has been cut and it just hasn't been posted yet (The lumsden signing isn't on there yet either)

Cook hasn’t been cut. At least not according to the transactions page.
He was extended on the reserve list on Sept 10th.

When I worked at the Spec as a go-fer (in those days it was called ‘copy-boy’ 34 years ago it was the best paper around for ambulance chasing, fires, and cars running into trees.

I don’t live in town anymore. Is it still the bast at all the important things? :wink:

ROTFLMFAO. That is the funniest thing I heard in along time.

That's funny mikey. I mean i don't want to be insulting but you have to wonder. A spelling or gramatical error here or there in a daily is quite common because of the speed in which they are turned around, but getting the current year wrong?
It is 2006...isn't it?