I wasn't arguing Bombers D, they were good, but you said Hamilton's D wasn't, they were probably one of the top in the league.

The Bombers defence is over-rated, they squack better than they play!

All that talent, and you guys still missed the playoffs. It must really burn you up to know that a team with a garbage defence (supposedly Hamilton) is playing in the playoffs, while a team with a great defence (supposedly Winnipeg) is hitting the links early. So much for all those talented defenders...

Winnipeg has very talented defenders. But regardless of how good your defence might be, you aren't going to win many games when you are on the field all game. . . and the Winnipeg offence recorded all of ONE first down the entire second half. Plus, 14 of Hamilton's points in the game came on interception returns.

So it is a good defence with lots of talent. They're just not supermen.

At least Hamilton is good on all levels including a solid coaching staff. Winnipeg has garbage offence (due to the scheme's and QB) and Mike Kelly and the upper management are absolutely brutal. Not to mention we're coming off a 3-15 season with pretty much an entirely new roster of mostly rookies. Also don't think getting a good QB is a cake walk. We got lucky that Winnipeg hired an idiot head coach and got Glenn without having to trade. Other then that, i'd say you guys are on the outs.Teams would likely only be willing to deal you 3rd or 4th stringers which is pretty much what your best QB's are now.Also, getting a guy out of the State's to come up and be an instant success is also unlikely. Every new QB needs a garbage year or two to get up to a decent skill level. Don't cry too hard, maybe you'll get lucky and won't have to see Kelly next year. Adios and enjoy the BC @ Hamilton game.

Can’t a guy have a little fun? :lol:

Esks are below average? No. They're average. 9-9, roller-coaster of a season, balanced offense, unproven but skilled defense. There's nobody in this league below average but Toronto, and arguably BC.

Could have been 0-2-0 heading into last weekend's game ... The Riders barely won the first game (by one point) and a tie can obviously go either way ... so I don't know where you're coming from saying it should have been 3-0-0! I wouldn't get too excited about winning by 16 points either; 9 of those came at the end of the 4th quarter.

hey the lions proved you dont need defence to make the playoffs .......just 5 Qb's and some


unless I'm completely "delusional" they were worth a total 14 points, and earned Hamilton a home play-off game. Off of garbage passes that were fairley and cleanly intercepted. So well in fact, that the intended reciever never had a chance to make a play on the ball.

get real man.

Any team can come out of the west. You've got to be kidding me that a Bomber fan is still yipping after the drama queen season they've had.

I'd rather have a rookie qb than Kevin Glenn, you have a vertically challenged, cripple with two busted knees. Sure he can lead a 10 and 8 team, but you will not win the cup.

You guys had a rookie... things didn't work out. :lol:

:lol: :lol: :thup:

Well, that vertically challenged cripple with 2 busted knees outplayed all of the 20 QBs that your circus team tried this year.

You did have that, then you got a never was who plays like a rookie QB.. and MB showed that he hasn't improved at all in all the years he has been in this league... enjoy watching the playoffs on TV and not at Canad-Inns... and if MB returns you can expect another year of futility.. while the Cats improve and challenge for 1st.. with KG...