All I am reading on here is how the Bombers are so bad, and how Mike Kelly, and Michael Bishop are jokes.... While i don't disagree I think all of you here are really smoking something good if you think you have a hope in hell of beating Montreal. :lol: :lol:.

Hamilton fans, your team didn't even play that well last week, and btw Otis Floyd is the bigged joke in the league.

B.C you have no Quarterback

Edmonton is just a below average team

Saskatchewan will come back down to earth after beating Calgary, i am guessing they won't do it twice.

There is not a team in this league that is even at the same level as Montreal, the only way I can see Montreal losing is if Calgary can somehow catch fire, and start playing like the team of 2008.

i beg to differ on both accounts.

The defence allowed One TD, and scored 2 themselves, while the offence moved the ball quite well!

And Mike Kelly is the biggest joke in the league.

Otis Floyd is an emotional leader on the field.

I have to agree...on the EE, rider and Montreal parts.

Bishop has some good years ahead of him.....making kids laugh at birthday parties. He will need Kelly to apply the makeup.

hamilton got 2 late garbage interceptions which your dillusional mind somehow makes them worth something,

This is the most passionate i have seen a bomber fan since i joined the cfl forums. where was that a few months ago?

Anyone can lose on any given day, and that includes the mighty Alouettes.

The last one was a garbage interception, first one wasn't.

and take away both Int's, Defence still allowed just one TD and one missed FG. :thup:

this guy is about as delusional as Mike Kelly himself!

Riders are not as you say. they're going to be more prepared than the Bombers would have ever dreamed!

The Players and coaches are not taking this as if they hit a peak! they're HITTING their peak in 2 weeks!

you need to realize, the Riders didn't win this Division Title by luck..

they earned that title, they beat the Stamps by 16pts! they won that season series 2-0-1, should have been 3-0-0.

they have a good QB now.. he's no longer crappy.

they have great Receivers, amazing Canadian talent, they have a really talented defense!

I don't see them losing to anyone .. the Als, well.. I can't deny them, they will certainly be the favourites! but doesn't mean it's impossible! you only need 1 great game! the Stamps proved it last year, the Lions 2 years ago!

I'm sensing a bitter baby who needs a diaper change and a fresh bottle


By my count, Hamilton got the same number of interceptions in the second half that Winnipeg had completions. Sounds like the defense did its job.

It doesn't matter now, it's the playoffs. Records don't mean anything. If they did, Montreal would have won five Grey Cups in the last 7 years instead of the one they actually won.

Making this thread seems likke a way of making your self feel better for missing the playoffs. Whatever helps you sleep at night!

Riders come back down to earth......hmmmmmm....they beat the stamps twice and tied them once.... they have a very good chance of beating the stamps again, if the stamps get by Edmonton (which they should)....I don't understand the come back down to earth comment.........They showed there strength in the last game....


Say, I haven't heard, have the Bombers got all of their crap out of their locker room yet?

If the Stamps don't, the Riders did lose to Edmonton twice at home this season so that's got to be a concern. And beating the Stamps won't be easy if they do get by Edmonton. I'm not saying the Riders won't do it, just it's not going to be a cakewalk.

Coming out of the West is never easy. The Riders will have all they can handle regardless of who they play.

Of course its not going to be a cakewalk. From here on out, no team is going to be taking a cakewalk.. including the mighty Als. Good luck to all the teams.

Personally, I'm just looking forward to some good ol' playoff football and hoping that my Als FINALLY win it this year. I don't know what worse, never even coming close to the championship or continuously falling just short of the ultimate prize?

You are absolutely right my friend. Remember what happened to the 1989 Eskimos that finished 16-2? Didn't even make it to the big game. That's why football is the greatest sport IMHO. Doesn't matter who is better but who is better on that particular day. :wink:

Winnipeg had two interceptions also last game, we were a quarterback away from a win, the Bombers defence is way better than any defence "lead" by Otis Floyd that Hamilton could ever dream of.

I think many people would disagree with that comment, Hamilton's D was SOLID this year

lets see... doug brown, Barrin Simpson, sideeq shabazz, Ike Charlton, Jovon Johnson, Jonathon Hefney, Lenny Walls...
We lost Gavin Walls and Fred Perry for the season, and still had a great defence