You have to agree???

Some of the games so far have been real close and great entertainment. You have to agree even if your team doesn't win and if it is close it makes it a great game! This year The Edmonton/Calgary game was my fav.Over the years I've no doubt missed many! Anyone have a favorite game they can recap for me? I enjoy hearing about games that I never knew were so awsume. My all time fav would have to be When
"BC then moved on to Calgary to play what many consider to be the most exciting playoff game in CFL history. With a combined total of 1,056 yards of net offense, Calgary led an exciting contest most of the way and led by 34-21 late in the 3rd quarter. Darren Flutie’s second td of the game pulled the Lions to within six points heading into the final 15:00 but still needed a major in the last minute to pull it out. With the ball at the Calgary 4-yard line and time expired, Danny McManus hit Flutie for his third td of the game and sent the Lions to the 1994 Grey Cup at home"
Tell me your favourite game of all time please?

July 4 Sk at BC Place, Rider win 26-16. Great game!

But even better was West Final last year at BC Place. Wow!

Rider - Ti-Cat Grey Cup 1989. While I am a Rider fan and that may color my perspective, that game ranks up near the top as far as excitement goes.

Link - 77th Grey Cup - Wikipedia

Game in the early 2000's Calgary vs Sask in Regina. I believe the score was 50-50. 3 overtime rounds. It was great.

The 2005 Grey Cup in overtime was quite the game

Cant remember the exact game, but I think it was doug Flutie vs ?? that set the league record for total points in a game.

The 94 Final was a great one, that pass from Danny Mac do Darren Flutie will always be right up there as far as best plays ever, but ...

I'd have to say my favorite was the Grey Cup that same year when we sent the americans packing. Lui missing the field goal with 1:02 left then our D holding them and him getting the second chance with 00:00 on the clock was insane. BC Place went absolutely crazy.

No disagreement there! :thup:

That McManus to Flutie pass in the snow to win it had my whole family jumpin up and down.

What a enemy territory with the backup QB. Great game. vote as well...except for the dancing danny part, that may be the worst thing ever seen in CFL history...

yeah, the year before that - EVEN BETTER!!!

I was there, front row.

Well I haven't been alive for as long as many people on here have(I'm 15), and I really became a fan in 2003 (I think). My favorite game is the Rider home playoff game(2007). It was far from a classic, but the atmosphere was amazing, I will never forget the first offensive play of the game. KJ to DJ for a TD. When the Rider defense was on the field it was so loud. I'll never forget that game for the rest of my life!

There's nothing like it, hey DJ!? I came home from that WF with no voice and a ringing in my ear...but it was sure worth it!!

I would have to say the '89 grey cup. It was a nail biter. Some very nice catches on both sides.
Another game was around 1970 (I was 6). My first game ever at Taylor field. Last play of the game a blocked field goal to win. I found $10 under stands and bought a rider cap which I still have today.

I am a rider fan and one of my favorite games to watch was the West final in 2004 at BC when Hank was our qb. That was a hell of a game, back and forth and lots of dramatic plays the only bad thing about it was how it ended up. Hank didnt choke on this day as he played one hell of a game.

From me either. The atmosphere under the big top in Vancouver was so thick you could cut it with a knife! The place was electric (on TV at least)! What a game!

It got to the point where I didn't care who won because both the Als and Esks were simply outstanding.

Unfortunately, the game is unavailable on DVD for some bizarre, inexcusable, reason.

Too many to remember to pick one.

I had to laugh being I was at that Game. In the first 3 minutes of the game, this woman down in the lower level was being coaxed to flash, she did, and security came to toss her. She looked at her boyfriend to get going with her with being ejected, and he looked at her and said, "sorry!" and stayed! I will never forget that!

I was at that game at McMahon stadium. It didn't start snowing hard until the second half and Flutie had trouble scrambling to find receivers. That was his trademark. Roll out of the pocket and buy time for Pitts et al. to get wide open and he'd make you pay. He was so good at avoiding tackles. Shiffty little bugger.

He never played well in the snow however because he couldn't cut back and forth without slipping and I was very happy when it started dumping down in the second half.

Had it not snowed, Calgary would have won because we couldn't stop them in the first half. But thats the way it goes in the CFL.

Right up there with the best games I have ever seen.

sounds like many of you were lucky enough to have a memory that lives on in your mind! guess that what counts! I seen the same game as hotlion it was good but I think my favorite is the Lions Baltimore game real exciting! I also seem to remember the media and Don mathews complaining about the refs for a week after! too bad a guy couldn't rent these games like old classic movies!