You Have The Curse!

Thank You so much You took the curse off of the riders hands! By Curse I mean Nealon Greene. And you Gave up Curry For it. well you wont be winning the cup untill he leaves.

a BIG THANKS :stuck_out_tongue:

Hes not a curse the riders made the critical mistake of putting him on the field. He could very well get cut by the als in training camp if he cant beat out carter and brady

I sincerely think that Saskatchewan is a Curse for QB...

Most of the QB that left to play elsewhere didn't stink the joint up like they did in SASK...

But like MAda7 said...he could be cut at camp...or traded again somewhere else...

With Popp we never know....

Greane could be traded to Winnipeg and then they'd have the curse! :wink:

its ok we dont need him we got Banks from Ottawa besides, Its Blue and Green or Greene

I truly believe Nealon got a bum rap when he was here. He got injured in the first game of 2004 and was never the same when he did come back. He was afraid to run the ball, and scramble, which were his strengths. A good coach will see the potential in Nealon, he just might an effective guy off the bench, so I think he will thrive in his new envoirnment, which is what he needed.

Greene won't even make it past training camp with the als, competing against brady and carter.

I disagree esks, part due to the fact that Carter doesnt know the CFL game, so it will take him awhile to get used to the Canadian game, and Brady has been a 3rd stringer all of his career. He is an awesome clipboard holder though!

i agree with sambo on this, i think he will be a good back up, and carter will be third string out of the gate, brady will be the one to go.