You have got to be kidding

Herb....IN the CFL hall of fame?

Yep...heard about it on the Team990 last night.

He isn't humble about it either. :?

Suicide watch, suicide watch. Some one keep an eye open for ro1313, especially around high bridges! :wink: :wink:

Isn't it funny how sometimes the most despised people get recocnition like that? I don't this guy at all and am just basing on what I read in this forum.

This guy is the so called "Football expert" and is wrong 55% of the time

Stop crying! This guy knows the Als and football. The only reason you bash him is because he does not make soup with the Als shower water like the rest of you. Only suckups and groupies are accepted on these boards. You guys have no credibility, so stop bashing others like Herb!

Don't trolls sleep during the day? Get some rest, big fella.

Herb is always claiming that he has insider information (sources say) and 90% of the time its baloney!

The 10% of the time that he is right, he lets you know about it....the 90% of the time he is wrong, you never heare about it again......

First he complained that Popp was a media hound, then he complained that Popp would not talk to the media!

Then there is the famous Mathiews quiting....The Don said he quit, the Als said he quit. Who is Herb to claim otherwise?

That's what she said...

So, someone who only joined this forum on 29 November 2008 says "only suckups and groupies are accepted on these boards. You guys have no credibility."

Look in the mirror.

Is he related to Marty York BTW? :lol: