You guys were great. 94 Grey Cup

Is this still BC Lions fans. Posting From Hamilton. I always thought BC should be the flagship CFL team. I wanted you to have a look at what 1994 was

And do watch the Lions final drive in the 1994 Western Final against Calgary that got the Lions into the '94 Grey Cup game.

94 was a banner year for metro Vancouver.

My son born during the NHL playoffs
My favorite canucks team almost wins the cup
Great lions 94 cup run featuring one of my favorite lions lineups

for me, the two playoffs games were such a high that the cup game was almost anticlimatical to me.

My mom and i would stand in the street and wave the canucks banner and get honks throughout the playoffs.

Never again in Vancouver history will you see the entire city go empty as everyone watched 94, not in 2011s lame vancouver i cant stand but that's another subjecg

94 was awesome its when Vancouver was still Vancouver basically not the town where all the people who grew up here got pushed out by foreign ownership

Im sure those fans make their way in from the okanagan or go to McMahon everry now and again lol

My mom and i went to the grey cup celebration at bc place after we beat baltimore, my uncle was at the game too