you guys want Timmy Chang?

we'll give him to ya! what do you got to offer?

haha, no thanks


How about a Walmart brand football, and a broken pilon.

that would be a little bit better of a deal than timmy chang, the reason i posted this though was because of the Joseph situation.

we know

You can have all the left over watermelons from last year.....

...a used jock strap and a kicking tee, straight up...

screw that. we needed that kicking tee. give them a roughrider grey cup champions t-shirt.

Bout as close they will get to the cup this year. Ticats that is.

Um, no.

I would take him... the guy who holds a few NCAA records... sure why not...
His problem was that Hamilton expected him to play like a veteran (instead of a rookie) on lousy football team...

Man, I know a guy in LA, who collects Timmy Chang football cards. Its unreal lol