You Guys Need A New HC

I see this kind of comment often where the implication is that the GM hires the coaches. Even without the unusual structure of the Roughriders where the Head Coach is the boss of the GM, the HC almost always is given the leeway to hire the assistant coaches. While I can accept that Taman may influence Miller by giving a really good recommendation (justified objectively or not) to a former coach that Taman worked with or by Miller wanting to keep good relations with the guy that runs the business side of things, it is still Miller's choice who the assistant coaches are. That he is the boss of the GM only reinforces that finality. I am quite sure that Miller will hang up only the HC responsibilities, not the VP responsibilities in the near future (maybe this year, maybe next year). He will still be here to be the boss of Taman for a year or more after ... in my estimation.

Need Miller to go to Director of football operations ONLY and get rid of Taman and get a real GM. New HC and not Berry. I think Chris Jones, Mike Benevides, or Dave Dickenson would be good. I also would like Richie Hall as I'm sure he learned a lot this year, but only as HC and not as DC as well. Berry and Daley have to go. Berry is not right for DD (why did Darian only run once on Sunday, and it was not a called play? Darian using his legs is one of his strong points).
Then and only then can we look for 5 or 6 imports who can play right away and be impact players. And time to really develop Hutchins, Clark, Newfeld and Sisco.

Why do you want Dickenson as our HC?

Durant passed for over 5000 yards this year. Fantuz led the league in receiving yardage. Getzlaf had a breakout year. If Berry isn't the right coach for Durant, who is? Patience is in order IMO. Berry just finished his first year as Sask's OC after a few years out of football. Durant is only in his second year as a starter. And you guys still made it to the Grey Cup, coming within a field goal of sending the game to OT. I don't see any need to push the panic button. Why destabilize the core of the team?

Etch did ok with the Defense, but if Richie Hall says he would come back, I'd be hard pressed not to take him. Does Etch know anything about Special Teams? Maybe he could take over for Daley? If he's breathing, he's got to be better!

Etcheverry did a great job this year considering how many injuries the defense had, and the loss of Chick and Baggs to the NFL. His defense, ravaged though it was, held two of the league's top offenses (Calgary, Montreal) in check during the playoffs. I know the Als controlled time of possession in the second half, but when you keep a team to 21 points, you should feel pretty good about your chances of winning.

As for Daley, I know it's fashionable to rag on him, but I'd just like to point out that from what Deslauriers said afterward, more than one Rider at the LOS was aware that a trick play was going to happen. It was an execution issue, not a scheme issue. Deslauriers took the direct snap and fought his way to the first down. If it had been a scheme issue, Deslauriers would likely have picked up 30-40 yards on the play.

Oh, how I would love to see Dave Dickenson calling the plays on the Rider sidelines, and then guarantee him the HC position when Miller retires.

I don't get this, frankly. What did Dickenson do against your Riders in the WDF? Not much. Dave is a great offensive mind but I feel people are overrating him based on his playing career. He's proven nothing as an OC, and that's coaching a veteran QB with a very similar skill set to Durant's (Burris). He's going to be a bright light in this league for years to come, no question, but if you hire him expecting instant results, you might be disappointed.

We just made the Grey Cup two years in a row with a QB in his first two years and 4 canadian recievers in a passing league and we want to fire the coaching staff. I wonder, if the Esks would have made the final the last two years, would Hall have been fired.

Let me get this straight. Do you think we got to the Grey Cup despite our head coach?

Si les Roughriders se sont rendus à la Coupe Grey deux années de suite, c'est beaucoup grâce à leur personnel d'entraîneurs.

Est-ce qu'ils sont parfaits? Non, comme tous les personnels d'entraîneurs. Mais ça fait deux années de suite que les Roughriders se jouent des Stampeders en finale de l'Ouest. Ce n'est pas rien! Les joueurs des Roughriders étaient mieux préparés que ceux des Stampeders, et surtout, la mentalité que les entraîneurs des Roughriders ont inspiré à leur équipe fait en sorte qu'elle peut avoir plus de succès contre une équipe bourrée d'individualistes comme les Stampeders. Lors des parties importantes, personne ne cherche la vedette comme de faire le jeu qu'il doit faire. C'est ce qui a coulé les Stampeders. Les Alouettes ont la même attitude que les Roughriders à cet égard.

Vous avez un bon groupe d'entraîneurs qui vous donne une équipe soudée, compététive, excitante et déterminée. Ajoutez un morceau avant de vous débarrasser d'un de ceux qui sont là : on ne doit pas changer pour pire.

Maybe ST or OC but im not so sure about HC. It would depend on who replaces him. Think Kent Austin would come back?