You Guys Need A New HC

Wasting that timeout was a big blunder by Miller, one of many dumb calls by the coach!!!

We don't have a head coach. Just an old man who stands on the bloody sideline and does NOTHING. For all the bleeding heart rider fans, you got what you wanted. A coaching staff that absolutely sucked. Congratulations, keep on supporting those coaches and jump all over any one who see's issues and voices them. Congrats.

Taman FIRES Miller or he retires and promotes his good friend Berry to HC, you heard it here first.

If what you say happens, and I'm not saying it won't, Hopson better get use to not selling out games. A change is needed in the coaching staff. Plain and simple. If Hopson doesn't take control now, this could hurt the team for years to come. I will support the team like I have for 4 decades, but I've seen enough good and bad coaching to call a spade a spade.

I'm just sick of everyone, fans and Rider brass alike, accepting loss and this is why there won't be any changes. I say Enough of this "Ho-Hum at least we made the play-offs" or " Oh well, we tried, i still love you riders " Bull SH#t! Yes..I cheer for the Riders BUT I will not and never will "accept" losing!!!

I 100% agree with you. 100%!!!! :thup: :thup: :thup: The pep talk by Miller was pathetic. The answers from Miller after the game I've heard time and again. Is he a broken record? I can't believe that he'll be staying around after two GC loses and being 69 years old. I thought his comments a couple of weeks ago about how he leaves all the plays in the hands of his coaching staff may have been a way to distance himself from the outcome of this year. Now time will tell...

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excuse me? Perhaps when it is -15, letting a kicker's leg get cold is a good idea. Infact, Duval's kick, um, perhaps ths was a rely really good call? May not have been a factor, but literally freezing a kicker in this situation does not seem totally like a bad idea. Food for thought. This left it a 3 point game with LOTS of time to get in FG range, or even score. I questioned the call, but I like it.

The Riders played well. The Als did to. The Riders just simply stopped rolling DD in the 3rd, leaving their D on far too long. Getz had a couple that I know he would like back The Riders failed to execute for a full quarter, and they lost.

Le coach Miller fait un travail fantastique avec cette équipe, et ce serait une perte de le voir partir, consdérant le travail impressionnant qu'Il a fait à Régina. Un grand coach, une belle équipe!

I question the call for many reasons:

  1. Duval was struggling anyway's, i think a real coach would know this.
  2. Why did Miller let the game clock tick down before calling the timeout (Riders were still down regardless, be it 3 or 6 pts)
    He wasted time by waiting to call the timeout.
  3. After wasting the time on the game clock sure Duval Missed but The Riders were forced to hurry the offense due to not having a timeout and less time on the clock than there should have been (a Miller blunder wasting those ticks).
  4. MILLER WAS PLAYING FOR A TIE AT THE END ..... I don't believe many coaches would call a timeout at that point unless they were playing for the tie, if he makes the field goal it's a 6 PT game and there is more time left on the clock plus the timeout ..... plenty of time to march down field for the WIN

It was poor coaching and more poor decisions by the old man, flat out!!

1 and 2 - Duval made a kick from 3 yard further, with ease, earlier. Duvals thigh was bothering him, that whyhe was struggling. Miller let him stand in the cold for 30 seconds, then the timeout made it over a minute...lots of time to cramp up a sore muscle. Calling it right away would have defeated the purpose, but, yes, left more time on the clock.

3 - missed long field goals offer the best chance for a long return. I am guessing he was willing to gamble on getting 40 or so in the return...didn`t work out, but missed FGs often equal big returns.

4 - 90s is enough time to march the ball 95 yards indside the 3 minute warning and get a TD, but hey, sometimes you have to play for the tie and go from there. A made FG means marching the ball all the way down the field and having no choice but a TD.

Personally, I would have called the timeout as soon as it was 3rd down, but I understand his logic on this one. The only reason I would have played it different in his shoes is the unreliability of the FG unit since the loss of the place kicker. For that reason, I would have left more time on the clock and went for a TD. If Montreal hadn`t had such superb coverage on the miss, I have to feel that the ball would have been on the 40 or better. That means 30 yard to get in johnsons range, 90s on the a very realistic chance on a major, and the failsafe of a field goal try.

I am more concerned with the playcalling in the 3rd than a long shot!

First things first (and this is directed more so at the Rider fans): Where in the hell were all of your pessimistic opinions regarding our head coaching for the last 6 months?

We do not need a new head coach and why does the man's age come into question here? The players play hard for this man. This is nothing like the old "yay we made the playoffs and that is good enough" expectations we used to have like we did with Danny Barrett and Roy Shivers. Now we expect to compete in the Grey Cup and win it every single year. There is no higher expectation than that. Anybody who thinks that the fans, players, coaches, etc expect anything less is kidding themselves. Granted a few changes need to be made. Special teams comes to mind as an immediate example and he fixing of it needs to start as soon as possible.

As well Taman cannot fire Miller because Miller has more power than Taman does (Thank God).

I think Ken Miller is one of the best coaches in the league. I hope he's back next year. Calling the time out was debatable, Duval missed the kick and the Riders still had enough time to get it done. They just couldn't get the plays they needed, much like the rest of the second half.

Called the time-out and Duval misses the FG - brilliance I say. You Miller haters should give your collective heads a shake and keep your mouths shut until you have something constructive and intelligent to say. Question: Who was the last Rider HC to lead the team to consecutive GC appearances: Eagle Keys - pretty good company to keep I say.

I think Miller was fine.

but still our Special teams and defense will need some improvements for 2011 if we have any hope to get back to the game in Vancouver.

We need to overhaul the special teams and find a way to reduce the errors and stupidity.

Defense needs to look at getting younger in a few spots (Morgan for one) and get quicker.

if we can do that, and we make Koch a starter next year, we will be fine. but we do need to give either Charles a bigger chance at the Starters role for RB and think about more talent than just Canadian Receivers.

sure we have a great group of Canadian Receivers but if Koch is a great addition to the team, do we waste him because we want to have 4 starting Canadians??

The only coach that I would like to see fired on the Riders is Jim Daley.
Just before Montreal caught us sleeping once again on 3rd and 2 in the 2nd half, we (me and some excited fans watching the game) were yelling "watch the fake". Once again we looked stupid on special teams as we got caught napping and I think it was a turning point in the game.
Daley has to go!
Durant was a big disappointment the way he played for most of the night. He didn't roll out to the right like I wanted him to and he seems to have trouble finding secondary receivers. Also, he didn't use Dressler and Fantuz enough.
I know it's only his 2nd year as a starting QB in the CFL, but he is 28 yrs. old now and he should be able to recognize when his primary receiver is covered and look to a different receiver or run the ball.
I like Durant and I hope he learns to pick up his secondary receivers and read defenses better in the future.
Things we need to do to get better next year.
We need a good kick returner who can make big plays and can hang on to the ball, and a top-notch specials teams coach is a must.
We have to show more imagination on offense and use our great receivers to our advantage and Durant needs to be smarter....and oh yeah, Omar Morgan needs to retire as his best years are behind him.
And we need Kent Austin back as head coach. ha ha.

Daley is certainly someone I think we should review, but in the case of Miller, I'll apply the same test that I applied to the QB question: if we get rid of Miller, is there an improvement who is easily accessable out there? Someone who we know can come in and do the job, and is willing to take said position?

Miller's made some bad decisions this year that were aparant, but he is also a coach who has overseen two trips to the Grey Cup now -- had we won either trip, would anyone here be calling for his head? Are we certain that he isn't an asset behind the scenes? In coaching, sometimes a coach's personailty can go a long way. I like how someone here brought up the pep talk as it wasn't very good, but then again, it might fit into the culture of the team -- a team that has a remarkable ability to work well under pressure and win!

Not the first time a HC has blundered in the league. While I am on the fence on the HC position, I think if he wants to, you have to give him one more year based on his record. But who has got to go is the offensive coordinator, special teams coach, and most important is the GM. We have lots of talent just not the coaching to get it done.

I, for one, have no problem with Miller. In fact, I'd like him to stay on another year rather than retire.

Daley, however, is as useless as it gets. And Berry may be a DECENT coach, but he is not the RIGHT coach for Darian Durant's skillset. We need an OC who will build a scheme around a running QB, not try to force him into being a pocket passer.

Etch did ok with the Defense, but if Richie Hall says he would come back, I'd be hard pressed not to take him. Does Etch know anything about Special Teams? Maybe he could take over for Daley? If he's breathing, he's got to be better!

Oh, how I would love to see Dave Dickenson calling the plays on the Rider sidelines, and then guarantee him the HC position when Miller retires.

Unfortunately, with Taman as GM, we may be stuck with Berry, not only as OC, but maybe even as HC if Miller decides to hang 'em up. :cry:

I was surprised that Miller did not use last year's heatbreak to galvinize his players, he explained that revenge was not an intellectual feeling and that the team should focus on the job at hand which is also true, but I think it would have been an opportunity for him to bring out that extra anger you need from football players to perform at a higher level. See you at GC 2011 !!

Trestmans speech was no better.