You guys have a new name

I like it, shorter than Stampeders: :wink:

"Kansas RB Jon Cornish was born in New Westminster, British Columbia, and was taken in the second round of the 2006 Canadian Football League by the Calgary Stampede."

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I was chatting with a guy from the States, who I met through some friends (a bunch of int'l students at the U of C). I asked him where he was from, and he said "Green Bay". I said something like "oh yeah?" since I know where Green Bay is, but he cut me off to ask, "ever heard of the Packers?" I said I had, and asked him if he'd ever heard of the Stampeders. "The Stampede? Yeah, is it fun?" No, the StampedERS. "The Stampede?" No, our football team, the the StampedERS. "Yeah, I've heard of the Stampede ... " :roll: I gave up.

(He has also been known to ask if there was any "American" on a German ID - I do believe the language is known as English - and after 3 months in Canada, he still didn't know that 0 Celsius was the freezing point. Nice enough guy, very friendly, but ... :slight_smile:)

The problem is they educate them for their own country unlike us Canadians. We learn virtually very little of Canadian history but learn more about Americans and the world around us. Not a big deal. He will get a quick education just being here. I asked a few teens if they new of Vimy Ridge! Their reply was I do not live there. So does that make all Canadians stupid. It is how you look at it. :lol:

Canuc, you should have said when he asked if you heard of the Packers that yes, you heard that there was a large meat packing plant in GB and this is what they are famous for. :wink: