You guys had a good run, but....

The Bombers had a good run this year, but let's get real, you guys don't stand a chance vs the Cat's, but hey you got the new stadium to look forward to new year. The Cat's i don't think really have a shot against the Lions either, but the Lions/Cat's Grey cup should be a good one. Bomber fans should be looking at 2012

We don 't stand a chance against a team we already beat all 3 times this season?
I think you are coo-coo for coco puffs :?
Oh, and I for one am very excited about next year!

Can you post a reference to that post or are you just making it up? :lol:

A reference, who needs a reference, it's common sense. If the Cat's play like they did last Sunday, the game will be over by Half time. You guys can't score over 23 points, the Cat's will put up at least 40. The Cat's right now are just playing at another level, that your Bombers can't reach. Like i said the BC.Cat's Grey CUP should be a great game. Listen if the Bomber fluke one out, i will be the first to come back on here and say I was wrong, but that is JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. You had a good year, be proud of this year, but make no mistake about it, your season ends this weekend

completely differnt game and atmosphere doubt any team scores over 28 gonna be cold and i've seen my fair share of Glenn to know he is awful in cold weather games so unless Ti-cats are starting Porter i highly doubt cats will have another high scoring game in WPG.

I want the bombers to win but this game i will never bet on just because its who ever has a better running attack and i'd say we are pretty evenly matched slight advantage to cats because they got 2 backs.

other factor is turnovers and i say winnipeg wins in that category simple facts we are 1 of the best this year so Ti-cat QB's better just play smart or pick 6's will end you.

if the Cats play like they have ONCE IN THE PAST DECADE the game will be over at half time? yeah, I really like Hamilton's odds of replicating that.. at some point in 2021.

I would also like to know how it is common sense that we can't score more than 23 points, particularly against Hamilton whom we've scored 24, 30, and 33 against this year.

let's see what big game choke artist Glenn can do against a secondary that ISN'T entirely composed of backups. good for him for ripping up a Montreal secondary missing 4/5 starters, it really isn't that hard. Our backup QB making his second career start threw for 325 against them.

if the Cats play the same as they did last Sunday, they likely won't score 30 points, because that's not the Montreal 2nd string defensive unit you're facing this week, it's the best defense in the CFL.

And if the Bombers play like they can, there isn't a team in the league that can stop them, including your little Leos. I think you're rooting for the Cats because you're scared of Winnipeg in the final. You should be more focused on getting past the Eskimoes first!

Looking ahead to the GC and past the games this weekend would be bad for any team. Bombers by 8 :smiley:

Most likely a touch and go newbie troll. :roll:

.......Our good run will continue on Sunday :thup: ....Glenn will be pulled in favour of the back-up, as he won't be able to pick himself up after hitting the cold turf a few times...Watch how his hands freeze-up and passes go astray...Notice his happy feet (and it won't be because he's stomping them to keep warm) and dead in the pocket stare....I'm looking forward to Sunday very much :thup: :rockin:

At first i thought you guys were just joking around about the Peg winning, but now i see that most of you guys really believe that the Bomber will win. WOW, what are they putting in the water in the PEG. This game won't even be close. Cat's by 20

.....flutie.....i think you've been sleeping too close to a gas leak.... :lol: :lol:

as expected, you couldn't even begin to address a single point anyone made. Trolling is against the forum rules, you know.

Apparently not on our board.

…nope your board is protected too, flutieflakes is out of bounds, and I dare him to take it to the main forum where many, not just BB fans, can rip him at will…