You guys a little nervous???

Its going to be a big setback if you lose this weekend.

Nobody seems to be giving Calgary a chance. With the changes
happening to the coaching staff, youve got to think Calgary's defense will be fired up.

Offensively theres still a lot of talent there, but can someone
get them the ball???

Calgary has zero pressure, you guys......

Might be interesting, lets hope so.

Im not nervous at all to be honest... But I am hoping for a good game...

I hope your team feels the same way.

So do I. I never want my team to be nervous, I want them to be confident. Not over confident but never nervous. Well not super nervous

over confident or super nervous??

Either will work for me.

Because your teams needs all the help they can get without Henry Burris… Which sucks…

I trust Austin is not looking past Calgary, doesn’t really matter what the fans think. I read in the paper today he’s making sure they are ready and aren’t looking past the Stamps as an easy win.

I would be happy with a 1 point win myself.

Nervous? Nah.

I am looking forward to it. If I say, "No win in the CFL is a guaranteed win" the Clichè police will arrest me but I'm gonna say it anyways . . .

No win in the CFL is a guaranteed win so I am certain Kent Austin is taking the Stamps very seriously. As is the team. As far as the team being nervous goes . . .

I would be willing to bet money that if you hooked The Riders up to a nervous detector, the team's collective nervousness would be no different than any other team in any other regular season game; whatever the hell that means.

I hear Calgarys defense was running around
and having a blast. No more nervous nellies.

Oh and Akili looked pretty good also.

That was the report from yesterdays practise.

Good for them, but it means nothing in practice if they can't duplicate it in the game.

I think it's a step forward for the team removing Creehan, whether or not the guys that are still around can get the job done is another question.

Thank you dust, and agreed.

Some of Akili's stats:
Pass completion - 51.4%
Touchdowns - 0
Interceptions - 5
Rating - 6.5

Stamps fan's better hope the running game and D shows up!

Which part of that is supposed to make me nervous?

The statment that Calgary's Defence was running around? - - - It is practice; they will run. All teams do.

They were having a blast? - - - People have fun when with their friends. Go to any practice with any team in any sport and you will see players joking around.

Akili looked pretty good as well? - - - Has anybody ever heard a report that said that a player looked bad and talentless in a practice? I sure haven't.

Your statement means nothing to me. Practice is just that; practice.

Riders are favoured and why shouldn't they be. I fully expect the Riders to win even though I hope the Stamps give them a good game.

Hopefully saying that will be the kiss of death for the Riders. LOL

Good luck to both teams. A Stamps win makes it a closer race for 2nd

Anyone hear the weather forecast? I heard a rumour about snow! I hope the person who forecasted that is full of .....!

Full of snow, perhaps?

With Danny Barrett, I'd be nervous. But with Kent Awesome, I'm confident to the point of almost cocky.I'm refraining as we speak :slight_smile:

Davis is finally back...thank godness...i missed that guy.

Should be a tough game against Calgary. As we all know, anything can happen in the wacky, wild CFL (other than the Lions not finishing first).